How Oncotarget Is Steadily Building Its Reputation As The Premier Provider Of Scientific Publications

The 21st century has seen the increase in demand for quality research publications and scientific data. Oncotarget being aware of this fact, embarked on a mission to be one the premier providers of scientific information to a global audience that comprises of personnel working with various scientific and medical research firms.

Since the establishment of the Oncotarget, the firm has been making multiple publications that are unrivaled in quality and curation. The company ensures that all materials published are made available through its online platform. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

To gain full access to Oncotarget’s publications, there is the need to subscribe to the firm’s services. The public actions made by Oncotarget are availed on the company’s website, and unlike other scientific data providers, Oncotarget’s publications can be accessed at no cost. It should be noted that the full access membership provides an individual with the ability to view all publications made on the website. The membership to Oncotarget is free, and no charges are paid by members subscribing to their services.

A few years back, Oncotarget used to publish one article every week; this is not the case currently. Oncortaget has had an increase in the number of professionals who rely on their publication’s; this meant that the company had to double the publications made. Currently, the firm published two articles on its website every week. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Oncotarget has significantly grown over the years and is now one of the trusted providers of scientific journals for professionals in the medical and other science-related fields. The focus of the publications made based Oncotarget is the trending scientific issues that need to be addressed.

Oncotarget’s success has been primarily driven by Technology. The company has created a robust online presence that allows it to interact with their clients in a way that facilitates the reception of feedback from clients, the purpose of doing this is to further improve on its content delivery. The company has recently invested in the incorporation of a highly advanced algorithm to its database, the reason for doing this is to allow the rapid dissemination of data to subscribers around the world.

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American Institute Of Architects Join To Strengthen Their Profession

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), a New York City organization established in 1857 has its head offices in Washington, D.C. 13 architects started the institute with an aim to promote members scientific and practical perfection. The institution offers community redevelopment, public outreach, government advocacy and education to enhance public image and architecture professionalism.

Before the establishment of AIA, there were no institutions for architectural training or licensing in the United States. The formation of this institution body yielded to the creation of bylaws and a constitution in 10th March 1875. Organization members signed the new laws on 15th April 1857. However, it was revised after a year with an objective to develop the scientific, practical and artistic profession of members. They also focused on combining architectures efforts in advancing their general art.

Between 1860 – 1880, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Albany, Washington D.C., Boston, and Baltimore joined the AAI chapters. Rhode Island, Chicago, and Indianapolis were also registered. Robert Ivy heads the vibrant network of over 250 chapters and over 90,000 licensed associated professionals and architects. Its members observe professionalism and code of ethics while dealing with clients. They assure delivery of highest architectural standards to the clients, public and colleagues.

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AIA has five membership levels. The Architect members licensed by a United States authority are approved to practice architecture. Associate members despite their degree studies in design, work under the guideline of a technical or professional architect. Holders of architecture license or its corresponding from certifying authority not based in the United States are the International associate members. Emeritus members must be above 65 years and unable to serve in the architecture occupation. Allied members are partners with the AIA and American Architectural Foundation. They are experts in building and designing, of which majority are planners or engineers.

The architects of AIA organization influence government practices that impact on the professionalism and quality of their training in America. By monitoring legislative and regulatory movements, the team uses the influence of its members to participate in decision making. Through Robert Ivy leadership, the institution works with the government to protect infrastructure, and acquire affordable shelter for all Americans.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) chief executive officer also serves as the organization vice president. He is an architect by profession committed to strengthening the organization through educative initiatives, advocacy, and public outreach. Since 2011, Robert has transformed AIA and has positioned it as an influential, proactive and responsive organization globally.


Mistakes in Obtaining FreedomLife Insurance Policies

Having a good life insurance policy in place can relieve the stress of future financial hardship for your chosen beneficiaries. There are some common mistakes in obtaining life insurance policies that should be avoided to ensure future prosperity. The vast majority of people simply forget to actually purchase their intended policy. Younger individuals are often not aware of their options in future finance planning. Freedom Life Insurance, with some other agencies, offers expert guidance in obtaining an affordable life insurance policy able to meet the client’s intended needs. A credible agent will point out areas in the policy that might need further thought.

Never rely on an insurance agent that refuses to answer their client’s calls. Financial needs, dependent status and other things often change throughout a person’s lifetime. A reliable agent will meet with their clients at regular intervals to review their policies. This trusting relationship is important in knowing that your family will be cared for if that day comes. Honest insurance representatives, like those agents that work at Freedom Life Insurance offices, always keep in contact with their clients. High pressure forms of unscrupulous insurance companies are giving moral businesses a bad reputation that is undeserved.

Another frequent life insurance policy mistake is not having the correct amount of beneficiary coverage. It is sad when families discover that the policy they had for the current purpose did not amount to enough. These families often stagger under the weight of finding ways to pay for funeral costs and still meet other necessary obligations. A quick way to research this issue is to get information from an online website like one for Freedom Life Insurance. These insurance websites will have detailed information regarding their policy selections. Individuals should review their policies and consult with their agent with any further questions.

An agent that ignores calls, oversells, is inconsiderate of client time or doesn’t explain insurance details accurately can be a hindrance for people wanting proper coverage. It is not uncommon for mistakes to get overlooked when insurance companies are lax in communication.

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Tailored Health Coverage For People Like You

Healthcare is one of the most profitable industries of all-time. On an annual basis, this industry brings in billions of dollars, but what if you can’t afford proper healthcare? Unfortunately, this is one of the problems that a high majority of people have to deal with on a daily basis. People who are employed can still struggle when it comes to these situations. Luckily, the tides have changed as there is way to receive great healthcare coverage no matter the age, gender or religion. Have you ever heard about USHealthGroup? If you haven’t heard then just know that this company offers some of the best plans at affordable prices.

Whether you’re a single individual that’s seeking healthcare coverage, or you’re part of a family/group, you can still benefit greatly. USHealth Group is an actual conglomerate of insurance companies that provides high quality healthcare solutions for people like you and me. These companies work in tandem with one another for the greater good of society. On top of that, USHealth Group has up to 50 years ofexperience and a long list of healthy customers. This is 21st century healthcare coverage at its finest. What coverages does the company specialize in? USHealth Group has an extensive range, especially when it comes to providing coverage. This includes coverage for healthcare, dental, disability, vision, specified disease and accidents. The gambit is fully covered here on all levels. This company has the ability to help its customers receive discounts on coverages and medications. Have any questions? USHealth Group has a team of trained advisors on-deck that can handle all of your inquiries.

Experience and innovation are two components that the company is known for. Over 15 million people have benefited from the innovative services, which should help to give you some reassurance. In the end, your personally health should be a priority, and it should never be left to chance. This huge network of experts is designed to help those who are in need, or for those who may need a tailored coverage plan.

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Things you need to Know About David McDonald

OSI Group has emerged to be the leading provider of food and beverages in the United States and many other companies across the globe. The firm has strived through the many challenges that most other companies fail to endure in the course of their operations. OSI Group has successfully conducted its services and dealt with the different customer habits and preferences as well as the various cultures they experience in the multiple countries where they have established their operations. The firm has received a lot of accreditation from a significant number of individuals as well as other prestigious companies due to its ability to offer its clients with the best products as well as establish many firms across many parts of the globe.

The global network that OSI Group has established is proved of the impeccable business and leadership skills that the firm`s leaders possess. David McDonald the president of the company, has over the past years dedicated himself towards growing the company and increasing total production to ensure that it sustains each of their customers. David is proud of the company’s success and insists that the global network that it has established will play a significant role in creating awareness to people concerning the delicious food products that the company offers.

Besides, the renowned entrepreneur insists that the firm`s step to establish a secure local management, as well as employee team, has seen it work together as a team with other firm employees abroad to develop good customer relations as well as service. The dedicated team of OSI Group has also gained a great chance to involve their customers in most decisions that they make to ensure that it abides by their tastes and preferences, and particularly their cultures.

David has played a significant role in improving the operations of the firm and helping it gain both local and international establishment. David has been serving in the company for the last thirty years, and the excellent leadership skills that possesses has seen him been of great inspiration to the other employees of the firm who have always strived to deliver their best. David has also still served an example to his team of employees who have ever attempted to emulate his sound working habits. His contributions towards the growth and establishment of OSI Group has seen him receive a lot of accreditation from other prestigious and successful individuals.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina Successful career at Sussex Healthcare

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He is an accomplished Dental Surgeon who graduated from the Guy’s Medical and Dental school, London University. Shafik’s quest to succeed in academics and entrepreneurship has significantly contributed to his current success. Dr. Shafik has practiced dental surgery for many years in England. It is while in England practicing his career when conceived the idea of establishing Sussex Healthcare. As a way of giving back to the society, Dr. Shafik decided to volunteer at Jamati Institutions. Through his hard work and dedication at Jamati institutions and Aga Khan saw the community embracing the spirit of voluntary services. Dr. Shafik also volunteered to work as the President of Ismail Council based in the United Kingdom where he served for two consecutive terms.

Dr. Shafik was later promoted to head Jamati Institutions’ Department based in France. While serving in France, Shafik coordinated various projects and Development Network Programs of the institutions of Ismaili Society. Dr. Shafik has also served as an active member of the Institute Board of Governors. Dr. Sachedina has held numerous positions in the Aga Khan and Jamati institutions such as serving as the Chairman of Focus Humanitarian Assistance International Co-coordinating Committee. He also served as an active member of an International Forum of Ismaili Leaders. Besides, Shafik served as an active member of Aga Khan Development Network and Aiglemont.

Dr. Shafik gained immense experience by working at Sussex HealthCare, a Self-governing organization comprising care homes located at Sussex. He is the co-founder of Sussex Health Care. The institution is built on Dorking Road based in Tylden House. The organization core business is to take care of the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Sussex Health Care also offers specialized care services to the adult patients experiencing learning and physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare focuses its services on providing various healthcare services to the seniors. It has adequate and modern facilities that ensure that patients get maximum care in a comfortable and safe environment.

The company has lately expanded and announced the development of new units located at Broadbridge across the Horsham in West Sussex. The facility comprises modern equipment and amenities for handling patients with mental illnesses. The modernized technology has contributed to the provision of specialized medical care for individuals suffering from brain injuries and neurological conditions. The firm is currently upgrading the services offered to cater for individuals with autism and people with learning challenges. Read more:


Dr. Mark McKenna and the Idea Behind OVME

When Hurricane Katrina left the whole city of New Orleans destroyed, most of Dr. Mark McKenna’s developing business interests went down as well. New Orleans is McKenna’s homeland and he has actively participated in the rebuilding of New Orleans since the aftermath. He put forth the redevelopment of low to moderate income housing in the area to help the victims that lost everything get a nice head start to rebuild their future in the city. In an in-depth interview, Dr. Mark McKenna explained the idea behind his company OVME, a tech-enabled medical aesthetics company that’s sought to reinvent elective healthcare. The idea came to him after working for over 10 years in the medical aesthetics industry, he had become aware that there were many opportunities to disrupt the healthcare industry. Dr. Mark McKenna brings his ideas to life by initially setting goals and practicing a visualization technique every chance he gets. By meditating in a peaceful setting and actively creating goals, he found his own recipe for success. During the interview he points out that one of the good habits that helps make him more productive as an entrepreneur is that he is a voracious reader. He also shares that he is ecstatic that there is a current decline in smoking in the United States.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed practitioner in surgery and medicine by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He currently serves as the CEO and founder of his company OVME, a technology enabled medical aesthetic company. Launched in 2017, OVME purpose is to reinvent the elective healthcare system for the US. Before he founded OVME, Dr. McKenna ran a wellness practice named ShapeMed, he later sold this practice to a publicly traded company.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from the Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He launched a boutique real estate development firm during his time practicing medicine with his father. Mark used to serve as a board member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He is married to Gianine Mckenna and they share a daughter named Milana Elle.


Troy McQuagge Wins Gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Group Company based in the United States. Troy McQuagge announced that he had been nominated for the best CEO of the year by the Gold Winner Awards. The prestigious Planet Awards recognizes the best CEOs of the year based on their achievements for their companies. For you to be nominated for this award, you must have done something brilliant for your company to achieve the level of excellence needed to be recognized as the best CEO of the year by the Planet Awards. The award also honors business individuals and professional excellence from every industry in the world. It doesn’t matter where your company is situated to win the prestigious awards. However, you must exhibit the highest level of excellence and commitment in your company to secure a chance for this award.

The Planet Awards includes all submissions from private and public companies in an application. You also need to achieve your standards of education non-profit and for-profit organizations that will assimilate a better business advancement that will develop new startups. This is the reason why the Plane Awards have been adopted on a massive scale among many CEOs from all parts of the world. The application is also voluntary. This means that you must be willing to enter the scrutiny to achieve your position as the best CEO in the world. The Planet Awards does not also set limits when it comes to the start-up and small companies in any industry. Everyone has an equal chance of winning the choice according to the judge’s capability.

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In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined the United States Health Group company as a member of the Management Committee. During that time, the company was sinking down in the management and profitability ladder. Because of his capability to note the problems affecting companies when it comes to profitability, Troy McQuagge embarked on a journey to rebuild the company in a manner that sets it apart in the arena. This is the reason why Troy McQuagge is regarded as the best CEO of the year. For all his many years of experience, Troy McQuagge works hard to renovate the United States Advisors.

The reason why he was elected as the CEO of the USHEALTHGROUP Company was that of his success managing the US Health Advisors Company. The US Health Advisors is a branch of the USHEALTHGROUP Company. In 2014, Troy McQuagge commenced his tenure as the CEO of the company with the full powers to carry out the necessary decisions meant to propel the company forward. While he was the CEO of the company, he recorded the best growth procedure in the company. This action increased his competitive assimilation procedures in the industry.

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Todd Lubar’s Accomplishments in the Mortgage Banking Industry

Having ventured into the real estate industry at his mid-age, Todd Lubar is currently a successful entrepreneur in the mortgage banking industry. He is the current Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments as well as the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Todd Lubar gave the reason as to coming up with TDL Global Ventures as giving consumers what they wanted. Speaking to, the idea of TDL Global Ventures came after Todd realized that people experienced difficulties in receiving the loans they required thus wanted to help them get the loans they wanted.


Todd Lubar gave his typical daily activity as to how he begins with a morning breakfast, a morning workout, which energizes him and finally checks the news and emails before moving to his office. He also explains that as an entrepreneur, one must have the will to become fruitful and to bring ideas to life. He also keeps himself hyper-organized thus is always informed about any changes in his business to be able to make decisions. As an entrepreneur, he advises that it is important to have trust and honest communication in your business for prosperity.


Todd Lubar in the same interview offered a business idea which a young entrepreneur can venture into. In housing, he advises people to come up with a house finding site that will dominate the house-finding space. Todd moved into the real estate industry in 1995 where his first business opportunity was as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was able to learn conservative mortgage banking. In this field, Todd was able to have relations with real estate agents such as CPA’s, and insurance agents which proved useful to the business he was about to venture into.


Todd acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group which allowed him to lend loans directly as a mortgage banker as well as a broker loaning outside investors. He later developed Legendary Properties, LLC, (a residential development company) in 2002. Todd opened up Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation also a mortgage company which allowed him to expand his business. Later, Todd formed Legendary Financial LLC an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, a loan lending company for individuals and companies.

Roberto Santiago Minaira Shopping role in making the lives of Brazilians better

Roberto Santiago is a very hard working entrepreneur, sportsman, trader and smart businessman. He is the man with many talents and strives to explore them to their fullest. Santiago descents from the city of Paraibano, a place he has invested in both wealth and mind. Roberto owns one of the largest shopping malls in the capital of Paraiba, Minaira Shopping which he founded back in the year 1989.


Santiago made it sure that the shopping mall is strategically located to take advantage of the fast-growing towns in the area and also because the town is located between the countries of North coast of Joao Pessoa.


A more in-depth look at Manaira Shopping reveals something more than an ordinary shopping center you are used to. No. Manaira Shopping is a perfect epitome of massive investment in fun and leisure. It is a place you can visit and do more than pick your stuff and leave.


Why? Manaira Shopping has over 11 movie theaters fully packed with modern and sophisticated cinema projection technologies that make watching movies fun and memorable. It gathers for everyone’s needs. It has VIP rooms, and if you ever wished to try watching movies on 3D but was lost in the way, Manaira Shopping is the place to go not to mention one of the most interactive stadium designs.


The shopping mall has a stadium build with every aspect of modern design including armchairs that mimic the standing posture, an entertainment grid, amusement park, and gaming station. The later stocks over 200 gaming machines so that you and all of your friends can get a chance to play.


You must have heard of Domus Hall. Well, if not, it is the largest concert hall also found in Minaira Shopping. The hall has a capacity of four thousand seated people and over 10 thousand standing; its two-floor design makes it possible not to mention that the concert hall is located on the roof of Minaira Shopping.


In 2015, shopping industry in Brazil registered a growth averaging 6.5 percent making it worth over 150 billion according to study released by Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce). Even with the current economic turmoil that has rocked the country, most of the shopping malls, Minaira Shopping included, has a lot to smile about.


And this explains why since the day Roberto Santiago launched the shopping center, it had been growing gradually.


The study also indicated that there are 538 shopping centers in Brazil and other 30 are in their final construction stages. This shows how the sector is growing. The industry has also employed 1 million people and has contributed to in changing their lives for better.


According to the study, Manaira Shopping is one of the largest commercial centers with a largest gross leasable area covering 75 thousand square meters. And according to Manaira Shopping marketing manager, the mall has goals of always being ahead. And this can be accomplished by reinventing most of its activities.