The Agricultural Exports of Brazil

This past June, Brazil’s export trade in agribusiness was announced to be 0.7% below June of the year previous. Flavio Maluf, the head of Eucatex, said in 2018 up to that time the export sales of the Brazilian agricultural industry had reached $9.21 billion. Soy products accounted for much of this, representing 53.5% of exports in June alone. That is 46.27 million tons of soy grain. Projections show that Brazil’s soy exports for the entire may be as high as 72 million tons. These soy products largely include grains, meal, and oil.

Much of the rest constituted cellulose. Brazil’s top foreign customer as far as Agriculture exports is China. It second largest foreign trading customer as far as agriculture is the European Union which consists of 28 countries. All of these trade transactions are overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. The two-fold purpose of the ministry is both to provide the country with more food security and to produce a surplus for export. One of the most important businessmen associated with the ministry is Flavio Maluf. Connect with Flavio Maluf by visiting his linkedin account.

Flavio Maluf was born on December 2, 1961 to Paulo Maluf, a famous Brazilian politician. And his father was not the only upstanding personality in the family. Flavio was born into an extended family of great wealth and power. His sterling leadership has made it even more so. It was while studying Mechanical Engineering at the Armando Penteado Foundation, that he decided to pursue a career in Eucatex, the family business, instead. To prepare for this role he studied Business Administration at New York University.

By 1997 he had assumed its top leadership position. He also currently serves at the president of Grandfood. As a veteran entrepreneur, he is adamant that it is a myth that one has to already have money before they can make it.

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Matt Badiali: Making the right investments

Matt Badiali is an investor and an expert. He has been dealing with investments in the mining sector for a long time. He is known for his generosity in helping the average Americans who do not have experience in management of investments. Many people would like to invest, but they have little knowledge of how to approach such matters. Matt Badiali is there to ensure that such issues are well taken of. In the period that he has been in the industry, he has helped so many people to understand that they can also be profitable thorough prudent decision making

Matt Badiali has been an investor for a long time. He has taken matters of investments seriously, and that is why he has benefited from them. When he started this mission, he was pursuing a Ph.D., in 2004, a friend introduced him to this filed and showed him how he would help many people to benefit from his knowledge. As a person who loves helping others, he embraced the idea and joined investments industry. He provides information to the people who would like to invest in natural resources or companies that deal with natural resources. Since he started this initiative, he has been very productive. He has helped numerous people to create wealth.

Badiali is one person who hopes to help the people achieve the best things in life through the creation of wealth. As a geologist, he is able to look into the mining industry and come up with solutions which could make a difference in the manner in which investments are done. When he is dealing with investments, he does not look at what others are saying. Everything he does is based on his understanding of the market. Matt Badiali does not want anyone to do the analysis for him.

Matt Badiali has managed to help many people with his information. He calls only the deals he knows to have huge potential. He is also authoring materials through the banyan Hill Publishing. Together with others investors, they are on a mission of making investment information available to the people.


Amazing Opportunities At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare started in 1985 and has grown to be one of the best providers of emotional, physical, spiritual and social care. It has over 20 facilities that provide safest care for patients with homes in Warnham, Sharpthorne, Purley, Nutley, Henfield, Horsham, East Grinstead and Billingshurst.

The company offers best job opportunities for the community of Sussex. The qualifications of staff entail highly trained professionals who work for 24 hours a day. Staffs include those who can deal with sophisticated technologies and therapies. With a better job environment that allows one to know their jobs, it becomes worth of selecting their jobs at Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare announces their opportunities whenever there is any vacant position to be filled. Interviews can then be conducted after that. The professionals hired commit to taking care of sick seniors. On February 15, 2018, Sussex had announced many positions within a care home. There are number of jobs varying from kitchen assistant to registered mental health nurse.

Sussex Healthcare currently is employing several nurses at the company. There is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is qualified to land this job. It is one of the best field to work in within a medical industry. It is a profession with many people enjoying helping patients. The skilled nurses provide all-day care to older people with strange illnesses. There are accommodations for all in the 20 homes that nurses support their patients.

Health Coaches
Sussex Healthcare offers health coaching to people who use these specific services. This profession is meant to provide service to clients that allow people to focus on specific areas to improve their lifestyle.

Medical Specialists
There are medical specialists who have specialized in dementia, respite and palliative care in addition to offering physical and occupational therapies.

When Sussex Healthcare grows in its capacity, it will need more employees than it is today. It is going through massive changes that will have many people improve their lives in career and healthcare provision. Other opportunities in Sussex Healthcare provide a platform for improving an individual’s career.

NewsWatch TV reviews: Why go for this option?

Newswatch TV is a television channel that is doing a great work of bringing consumers information about new products which are in the market. It is the largest channel that is dedicated to advertising in the United States, every time it airs through one of the main networks in the country; it reaches out to over 95 million families in the United States. In short, every time this show airs, it received viewership from all corners of the United States. The channel has been around for over two decades. It has been behind the advertisement of some of the biggest brands we know such as Audi, Ford, Panasonic, and Sony. Once a product is advertised on this show, the sales must go up.

NewsWatch TV has divided its network into segments such that if one is interested in a certain product reaching a particular location, only that location will get to see the advert. The pricing of the ads depends on the targeted audience. Is it the whole country of just a section? The channel has invested in high-quality ads which are appealing to the viewers. Due to the nature of the work that this company has been doing, it has received a number of accolades from various organizations. The company is now ready than ever before to meet the needs of the customers.

NewsWatch TV charges about a fraction of what other advertising companies charge. They aim to help everyone, including the medium-sized businesses to advertise their products. Every time you are working with them, you are not only getting your product on the screen of over 95 million households but also paying less for it. There can’t be a better offer than this one. This channel should be a viable advertising idea for everyone. Advertising should not just be for the big companies which can afford it; it should also be for the small business.

Marc Sparks Bio

Mac Beer is an executive with more than 25 years of experience in commercialization and development in Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and diagnostic industries. His most recent job was as a member of the board and Chief executive Officer of Aegorian Pharmaceuticals. While here he helped take the company public. In October 2010, he oversaw the marketing and successful launch of JUXTAPID. This was a prescription used by those adults with homozygous hypercholesterolemia to reduce cholesterol.

Before joining Aegorian, Mac was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ViaCell. This is a biotechnology company that deals with the preservation and collection of umbilical cords blood stem cells. He led the company to a robust commercial organization and rapidly growing company for a total period of seven years. He had earlier held several positions with Genzyme, a care company that develops treatments for diseases that are difficult to treat and diagnose. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University in Ohio.

Digital therapeutics Revonia has a plan to improve its product development, commercialization plans, corporate hires, and clinical trials. It has therefore raised $42.3 million to finance therapy and diagnostic devices for women having pelvic floor disorders. This funding includes $10 million in venture debt and $32.3 million in series B equity. This was led by Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors, together with OSF Ventures, Inova Strategic Investments, Longwood Fund, Western Technology Investment, and Cormorant Asset Management. The mix of new and existing financial investors and the partnership with leading integrated health networks is aligned with Revonia’s commercial and clinical vision.

Rivonia’s FDA-Bluetooth device and cleared training program directs and isolates the movement of the levator plate muscles through coaching sessions and real-time visualizations via a smartphone app for pelvic muscle training at home. The company’s pipeline also includes its cleared device, the Leva and extended wearable. The symptoms of pelvic floor disorders include pressure, incomplete emptying and urinary incontinence. If the company combines its propriety sensor and innovative technologies to form factors with a digital platform, it will drive greater understanding of pelvic disorders. This will also give their customers valuable data on new treatment options. All this will lower the cost of healthcare. The ultimate goal of Rivonia is to lower the cost and improve the treatment of pelvic disorders. Learn more:

Sheldon Lavin has Contributed to the Tremendous Success of OSI Group

From the period that Sheldon Lavin joined and headed OSI Group, the company has experienced a progressive growth curve. Since he is a finance expert, OSI Group held onto him since he proved that he could be of great value to the company. Nevertheless, he started out as an outsider, but he was eventually welcomed into OSI Group. As Lavin got recruited into the firm as an active participant in the organization’s operations, the company was headed by Mr. Kolschowsky.

Background Information

Otto & Sons was a company that was dedicated to ensuring that they could deliver quality products and they would, in turn, guarantee client satisfaction. With that said, the company’s services were outsourced by an entity known as McDonald’s. The company was tasked with ensuring that they could meet the demand for hamburgers that were to be delivered to various McDonald’s outlets. Business went on smoothly for many years. However, Otto & Sons had to expand so that they could meet the massive demand for hamburgers by the McDonald’s entity. With that said, Otto & Sons embarked on the construction of various processing plants that were to cater to the first McDonald’s restaurant.
During the construction phase, Otto Kolschowsky experienced some financial constraints. Since Sheldon Lavin came out as a well versed individual in matters of finance, he was able to chip in by lending a helping hand. Lavin assisted the company to gain access to funds that in turn came in handy when it came to the completion of the construction of the food processing plants.

Additional Information

Since Sheldon Lavin had proven his worth to the company, he was recruited in 1975, and he was allocated an executive position within the organization. As the serving CEO since 1975, Lavin has contributed hugely to the success of the company. Lavin was able to expand the company’s outreach by making sure that the rest of the world could have access to what OSI Group had to offer. Currently, OSI Group has been able to set up a supply chain in areas such as Australia, Europe, North America, Japan, South Africa, and even Asia.


Apart from being a finance expert Sheldon Lavin is also a businessman. Since OSI Group was filled with potential, Lavin saw it fit to purchase some shares that would, in turn, give him some controlling interest within the organization. Additionally, as a significant shareholder within the OSI Group, Lavin has always made sure that the progressive growth curve within the company never come to an end.

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Sightsavers is a charitable organization working in thirty countries. Since 1966, the organization has been working in India. Their work includes screening people for eye diseases. They also give antibiotics, perform eye surgeries, and educate people on how to avoid blindness. Additionally, they help vision impaired people overcome social stigma. The organization also provides them with the tools they require to blend into the community and live productive lives.

In May 2018, Sightsavers broadcasted a social media campaign focusing on the ambitions and successes of Indian people. They utilized Twitter hashtag #UnfoldTheirDreams to distribute the stories. These stories show how the organization transforms the lives of the blind and partially blind Indians. The following is a sample of the various inspirational stories that got shared.

Simpi, 10, never attended school because of visual disability. Learning about her condition, Sightsavers provided her with the Inclusive education program. The organization also gave her a Braille reader and large print books for school. Simpi studied hard, took her exams, and became the village inspiration. 

Sightsavers supports Indians of all ages. Madhav, 72, developed cataracts that made him blind. He could not afford the doctor’s fee for surgery to reverse his condition. Through a friend, he underwent a free of charge surgery in the institution. The surgery transformed his life and made him one of the biggest Sightsavers’ supporters. Since then, he helps the organization to set vision camps in remote areas of India.

The organization also offers training when they cannot restore a person’s vision. Anam was unable to work due to blindness. The organization helped him acquire education from a blind school. The school taught him how to tackle his daily activities on his own. The independence gotten gave him confidence. Anam is now an ice cream vendor who is able to support his family.

An unsanitary bathing condition can lead to blindness or partial blindness. While Sonali was bathing in a pond, a boy threw a rock that hit her eye. The rock damaged her eye leading to cataract formation. Bathing in the pond also resulted in secondary infection. After attending Sightsavers clinic, Sonali received a free of charge surgery that corrected her eye problem.


Who is Anil Chaturvedi in the banking sector?

The financial sector is not easy to crack because the dynamics have changed and to achieve the success you need a competitive advantage. A lot of financial institutions have ventured into the industry, and there is high competition. That is why banks should make use of experienced individuals who can help them to attract customers and make profits. Anil Chaturvedi is one of the best individuals in the banking sector who have shaped the industry. With experience in areas like mergers and acquisitions, corporate banking, private banking and investment banking, he is the best individual to help a bank to achieve its missions.

Anil Chaturvedi went to Delhi University where he furthered his education attaining an MBA. Previously he had attended Meerut University to study a degree in Bachelor of Arts. Furthering his education was crucial in helping the entrepreneur to achieve success in his career. He later used the knowledge and skills he got from school to succeed in the competitive banking sector. Although he came from a humble beginning, Anil Chaturvedi is a great leader today who has acquired the skills needed to run large organizations.

Anil Chaturvedi worked for many years in the State Bank of India. Here he was running the development and planning, and it was successful. He also ensured he came up with strategic planning that could help the bank to expand its operations by attracting customers. When he started working for the bank, there was a positive impact, and he captured customers who were interested in the services they received at the bank under his leadership. Later he moved to the United States where he worked at the State Bank of India that is in the US. He had sharpened his skills, and the bank could benefit a lot from the experience of Anil.

He showed outstanding skills while working at the State Bank of India in the US and many organizations wanted his services. He became the director of Merrill Lynch because the bank had noticed his talents and knew he would be of great help. Since then he has worked for many international banks including Hinduja bank in Geneva.

Meet Penelope Kokkinides, the CAO at Innovacare Health

The Healthcare industry is one of the core sectors of every country’s economy. It is one of those industries that every player is required to display excellent professionalism because slight slackness would be the difference between life and death. It takes a real dynamo, and a person with a thick skin and a high aptitude to make a worth-while career in the Healthcare industry.One such individual is Penelope Kokkinides who has made a name and an honorable reputation for herself in the industry. She is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health, where she works closely with Rick Shinto, the CEO of the company.

Being a top executive in the Healthcare sector involves making tough decisions that could cause a ripple effect on almost every citizen. This is a role Penelope has taken earnestly, and all through her career, she has worked towards improving health care operations and processes. The fact that she specialized in Medicare and Medicaid programs for two decades boosts her credibility as an executive who has what it takes to run massive public programs. As a result, Penelope is an expert in establishing and managing clinical programs.

All through her career, Penelope has displayed high standards of integrity, and she has always enjoyed her work. According to Kokkinides, her work has been made easy by the inter-connectivity that has come about because of the advancement in technology. As she spends most of her time traveling for official duty, Penelope has email and twitter to thank, for keeping her connected to the world affairs and her loved ones. The busy schedules at Innovacare Health are not alien to her as she held similar duties at Centerlight Healthcare where she served as the Chief Operating Officer. Additionally, she had stints at Touchstone Health as the COO and also at Americhoice where she worked as the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management. Check out


To ensure that she remains at the top of the game, Penelope reads a lot of informative materials such as research books, expert articles, and publications. This is a practice she recommends to other entrepreneurs and executives. Penelope has always loved reading and advancing her knowledge, which perhaps explains her two master’s degrees. She holds a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University and a master’s degree in social work from New York University. You can visit


About Innovacare Health

InnovaCare health is the leading value-based healthcare partner for most people in Puerto Rico and the U.S. The company which has its headquarters in Fort Lee, N .J caters for more than 500, 000 people through their health plans which include Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. Innovacare Health is always looking for ways to improve health care services by integrating blue-chip technology in their operations.



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The Academy Of Art University Sells Seven Classic Cars As It Goes Public

Back in 1929, the creative editor of Sunset Magazine set up a college in San Francisco in order to help people become professional artists and designers. This individual was Richard S. Stephens and his college was the Academy of Art University. His college is still going strong today and his led by his granddaughter, Elisa Stephens, who has been its president since 1992. In that year the Academy of Art University had 2,000 students and today there are about 12,000 students taking part in several degree programs.

One of the things this university is known for is its Automobile Museum. It has a few hundred vintage cars on display. They will be auctioning seven of these cars in Monterey, California, on August 23rd through the 25th. Another change is that they are converting the Automobile Museum to being one that is open to the public instead of just students of the Academy of Art Museum. The seven cars being actioned off are going to be replaced by newer cars.

The Academy of Art University operates six art studios in San Francisco where they display student’s work. These are 625 Gallery, Spring Show, Academy Galleries, 688 Gallery, The Cannery, and Atelier. Some of the artwork on display is even available for sale which helps the students earn an income. The museum allows students to gain exposure for their work and also provides them with a way to get to know the overall art community of the Bay Area.

The Automobile Museum has been providing inspiration to students for many years. Some students study the design of classic vehicles. Other students learn how to restore vehicles to their original condition. The newer, contemporary vehicles the museum will be acquiring will teach students new information and will also make the museum even more appealing to the general public once they are allowed in.

The students of the Academy of Art University have gone on to work at a number of well-known companies. Among these are Zynga, Apple, Pixar, EA, and Nike. This university has 25 degree programs students can take part in. While most courses are taught on campus they also make some of the courses available online.

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