What Has Jacob Gotlieb’s New Altium Capital Has to Offer the Healthcare Industry?

Jacob Gotlieb’s experience and success and a healthcare industry have earned him respect and title of titan for the healthcare industry. After successfully running such alternative investment firms in the industry like Merlin Biomed Group and Visium Capital the medical doctor and finance strategist is back with Altium Capital, which promises to disrupt the healthcare industry investment scenes one project at a time.

But why Altium Capital and what big projects has it recently undertaken?

Coming up with Altium Capital

In 1998, Jacob Gotlieb joined Merlin Biomed group, an alternative investment firm specializing in the healthcare industry and headed by Stuart Weisbrod, as a portfolio manager. The hedge fund would, however, wind down in 2005 and this prompted him to start his own health industry investment firm, Visium Capital. The new firm took off rapidly and reached a peak in 2016 with over $8 Billion in assets under management but would also be forced to wind down in early 2017.

Altium capital is, therefore, a continuation of Jacob Gotlieb’s longstanding vision of coming up with one of the most disruptive health investment platform for both his investors and industry players. It specializes in spotting and investing in technologically influenced brands and their equally innovative medical devices and treatment options.

Recent investments

While the company may still be in its developmental stages, this hasn’t stopped it from making bold investment moves including taking up a 5.6% percent stake in Oramed pharmaceuticals. The investment was inspired by Oramed’s development of an oral treatment alternative for diabetes patients that seeks to get them off the hook of the injectables.

Altium capital has also invested in the Dublin-based Amarin Corporation, a pharmaceutical that specializes in the development of drugs that improve cardiovascular health. In its most recent move, Altium, which currently shares office space with Weisbrod’s Iguana Healthcare Partners, has also invested in the replacement therapy inspired Oragenics. The funds are meant to help the pharmaceutical develop and commercialize their antibiotics that take on drug-resistant bacterial strains associated with several infectious diseases.

Oren Frank and Talkspace Are Making People More Aware of Mental Health Issues

The tech world’s latest topic of discussion has been startup Talkspace. The trailblazing company has garnered a lot of attention thanks to its offering of therapy by way of video chat. While still in the relatively early stages of development it is making much needed moves to bring its services to potential employers. One of the biggest moves it has made to achieve its goal is the hiring of new chief medical officer Neil Leibowitz. Prior to joining Talkspace Neil was the senior medical director at UnitedHealth. The hiring came at a great time considering the company is in the midst of building out its enterprise business and thinking over potential IPO’s. Follow Oren Frank on his Twitter

What Talkspace has achieved already is nothing to look over as it currently boasts a user base of 1 million strong. This has led to the company generating millions in revenue consistently. Talkspace allows users to talk to a therapist online or message a mental health professional for a lower fee. Therapists are available to either talk to or direct message online for very affordable fees.

Neil is expected to help Talkspace reach its next plateau in its development. For instance, Talkspace physicians are now free to prescribe medication to users legally. Although Talkspace psychiatrist are still legally obligated to prescribe medicines in accordance with state and federal regulations. The company has yet to come to a decision regarding if it will avoid prescribing certain medications like opiates.

Talkspace CEO, Oren Frank, thinks the company could one day provide therapy for all in the future. A goal that is very near and dear to his heart as he feels it is as important as any other global health issue. Several million U.S. citizens suffer from mental health issues currently.

Oren Frank is also concerned about the high unemployment rate of people with mental illness. Depression leaves more people disabled around the world than any other disability.

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Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman and one of the founders of the QI Group of corporations. The company was founded in 1998 and is e-commerce established multinational with businesses that work in various sectors including telecommunications, retail and direct sales, lifestyle and leisure, training, logistics, and property growth.

Eswaran did his higher education studies in some of the best universities in the United States and the United Kingdom and had a remarkable track record due to the work that he has done in various companies including IBM. Apart from being an exceptional professional, he is a much esteemed motivational speaker and conducts talks around the globe on different topics ranging from business to spirituality.

He has had discussions in prominent institutions of higher education, administration and business and management forums some being the Commonwealth Business forums and World Economic Forum.

He is also a highly valued philanthropist. He established the RHYTHM Foundation that is a Corporate Social Responsibility branch of the QI Group. The foundation takes part in philanthropic engagements around the globe. In his native country Malaysia, he has put up RF’s residential subdivision, the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

He established the foundation in honor of his father and is driven towards working together with other charitable societies on different projects driven towards mentoring children, empowering women, special education, and youth development. In 2011, Vijay Eswaran was shortlisted in Forbes Asia’s yearly list of Champions of charity.

Lately, he received the award of lifetime accomplishment accolade in Regional Philanthropy by top sovereign think tank Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia during the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum. Also, he has been awarded the International Leader in Global Business Strategies honour by the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin (GOPIO). The other hat that he wears is that he is the best-selling author and has written one of the most successful books known as “In the Sphere of Silence”, a book discussing life management.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Believes in Helping Other People

As a plastic surgeon, it’s important to Dr. Jennifer Walden to help people who need it. She knows a lot about what she can do to help them and spends a lot of time learning about new plastic surgery techniques that might make things better for all her patients. There are things she might be able to do that other plastic surgeons are unable to do. Since she spends so much time learning about new techniques and new options in the plastic surgery field, she can do more to create a positive environment for all her patients. There are things she knows how to do and things she can create for people. Dr. Jennifer Walden is confident in her plastic surgery skills and running a practice. It helps her connect with people while also doing what she believes she’s great at.

Marketing is important to most medical practices and plastic surgery is no exception. Since marketing is so important, Dr. Jennifer Walden had to figure out the best way to handle different marketing situations. She wanted people to understand how hard she worked and what she was doing so she pushed to make things better for everyone who needed her help. There were options that helped her show people how they could get a better life. It also made sense for her to continue showing everyone they needed someone who was good at plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden continued pushing to make sure people understood how hard she worked for them.

A big part of marketing for any business now is social media. Dr. Jennifer Walden found that Instagram was the best platform for her social media options. She wanted to be on Instagram and help people find her on Instagram. It gave her a place to make more meaningful connections. It also made her want to help people understand they could get a better experience than what they did with other plastic surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden shares information about what she does and about plastic surgery in general. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, this means she has to make sure she can help others too!

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Guilherme Paulus: The Successful Entrepreneur Diversifying His Portfolio By Venturing Into GJP Hotels And Resorts

From 1972, Guilherme Paulus has been shaping the industry of tourism in Brazil. He has developed an excellent reputation by working in the sector for more than twenty years. At first, he worked at IBM as a computer specialist, but he left to join the hospitality industry and served as a salesman for a company that specialized in tours and travel. Paulus would later join a friend to establish a company that has become a leading travel agency based on the revenues, bookings, and footprints in the industry.

Paulus has also been part of Brazil’s National Tourism of Council where he served for more than fifteen years. Over the years, Guilherme Paulus has committed most of his time to find viable solutions to his business. He has dedicated a significant amount of resources to help in educating the less fortunate children in his country. Paulus is also supporting the next generation to venture into tourism by supporting their talent.

CVC’s Profile

CVC is a highly-ranked company that boasts of having a diverse portfolio of products and services based on bookings and travel arrangement. The company caters to families of all income levels. It also provides packages for more than 1,000 domestic and foreign customers. The company’s travel products combine airfare, accommodations, ground transportation, and travel insurance, among others. Perhaps CVC is prominent and mostly preferred by travelers because it also provides these packages at affordable prices and flexible payment conditions.

Providing Pre-packaged Products

Since 1972 when the business was founded, CVC has capitalized on its mission of providing clients with high-quality travel products. For more than three decades, the management has offered pre-packaged products with better terms and attractive propositions. With Guilherme Paulus in charge, CVC occupies an impressive position in the tourism industry as one of the most successful companies with the yearly revenue of about $5 billion. The company has also capitalized in opening new stores across the country. Paulus has been launching 100 stores per year.

Guilherme Paulus is prominent for having an impeccable track record in starting small businesses and developing them into blossoming brands with high capital returns. For that reason, he has diversified his portfolio by venturing into new markets and establishing new companies including GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Learn more about Guilherme Paulus: https://videos.band.uol.com.br/16115131/sonia-racy-entrevista-guilherme-paulus-%E2%80%93-parte-1.html

Hussain Sajwani Has Built His Reputation On Being The DAMAC Owner And He Has Moved Up On The Prestigious Forbes List

The internationally respected and recognized real estate developer, DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has recently opened up about his thoughts on how his hometown of Dubai has reaped some benefit as a result of the significant unrest that is ongoing throughout parts of the Middle East. The truth is that Hussain is not himself overly concerned that any of this turmoil will ever come to Dubai. His home city is ranked as the world’s fifth safest and so DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani does not feel that there is a reason to worry even though some of the neighboring countries have seen major unrest. People still flock to the city of Dubai because of its reputation for safety, and this benefits the city and it benefits smart entrepreneurs like Hussain Sajwani.

Well-known by many as the DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani is a major figure in the Gulf area and is also well-known in the international business community. DAMAC Properties does work across the Middle East and has also worked on projects in the United Kingdom. Hussain’s newest goals with his highly successful real estate development outfit is to expand into China. The company has also worked on projects with U.S. President Donald Trump. 2018 was also a proud year for Hussain Sajwani as the DAMAC Owner rose in the Forbes rankings to achieve the plalcement of being the fifth richest man in the Arab world today.

During the 1982 calendar year, Hussain Sajwani opened up what would become among the most successful catering endeavours operating in the Middle East. 2002 saw the founding of DAMAC and Hussain Sajwani’s impressive run as the DAMAC Owner. This dedicated outfit has been noted for being heavily involved in the residential, commercial and recreational usage sectors and is also the firm responsible for some of the most famous new constructions to go up in the Middle East since the 2002 calendar year. The company is based out of the world famous UAE city of Dubai which Hussain is proud to call his home. The city is known to be a hub for business as well as being one of the most technologically sophisticated cities on the face of planet earth.

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Felipe Montoro a personal success story

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens who has been tremendously successful is a recognized personality in Brazils’ finance industry. Felipe is generally recognized as an infrastructure project professional and sought-after consultant on different infrastructure projects in Brazil. He is also recognized for his work on offering business advice on arrangements between the private industry and the Brazilian government. This arrangement is known as the Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

During his previous positions, Mr. Jens worked for Enel Group S.P.A, in the structured finance and project development .area. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has been privileged to work with several companies and professionals throughout his successful long career. Mr. Montoro Jens started his college education at the Oregon University in the year 1998. He later shifted to the UC Santa Barbra in the same year. Mr. Jens holds a Bachelor degree in History and Spanish, a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Kinesiology. He also holds coveted postgraduate and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the American Garvin School and FundaoGetlio Vargas respectively. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

As Felipe adeptly climbed the higher ranks of the business world operation, he held important positions at prestigious companies like Enron, Enel PricewaterhouseCoopers, and more. Most of these companies have a strong international presence that is why it’s no surprise Felipe Montoro Jens was quickly recruited to work abroad for reputable companies.

Jens accepted a leadership position in 2015 in Portugal. At his new position, Felipe was put to use his skills; he helped to raise the needed capital in Asian and European markets. Mr. Felipe was also tasked to oversee the new investments of the said capital that needed him to have broad experience in markets for oil, energy, and mining in developing areas of Latin America and Africa.

Overall, Mr. Felipe has over twenty-five years of experience working in the international business sector. Even though his experiences in business are diverse, Felipe is best effective at assisting corporations undertaking infrastructure projects. His working experience makes him ready to come up with cost-effective and innovative solutions for state governments, and he puts his efforts to help in corporate waste elimination and make the financial world profitable.

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The Art of Resiliency by Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is the acting CEO at Zilch Technology Limited. He is also a consultant at the Net1 UEPS Technologies. Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. At the age of 14, he moved to South Africa with his family.During his stay at Highlands North High School, he mastered speaking and writing English. It was here that he learnt sports such as rugby, chess and athletics.Serge Belamant attended the Witwatersrand University taking an engineering course. However, he opted out for a course on computer science and applied mathematics. Eventually, he chose to take up a course in the information systems.After graduation, Serge Belamant worked under the engineering firm, Matrix. It was here that he developed skills on Cyber computer systems.

He was later assimilated into the CSIR as the head of the section project.Mr. Belamant has worked under various tech companies through his prowess and skills. He was among the support team at Control Data. He also received training on the programming at the COBRA system for the military of RSA. He spent some time at the Control Data operating system where he was promoted to a head analyst for the ESKOM.However, most of his work that is remembered to date is during his times at Net1. In 1951, he formulated the  business idea behind UEPS system which helped various banking institutions. Through an agreement with Belamant, the firm developed a new revolutionary Visa application that was dubbed COPAC.

Serge is one of the brains behind the revolutionary blockchain technology that is set to take over the world. It is the world’s first Blockchain Debit Card with a current user base of 3 million.The new invention also saw the modernization of the payment systems through increased speed, security and interoperability. His creative invention has grown its user base to different countries around the globe. It was here that Serge Bellman was picked as the right person to head Net1.The technology is set to reduce the costs of banking across the globe. As a creative in the industry, Serge Belamant recently filed for the patent for the invention that was orchestrated under the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Neurocore, the Future of Brain Treatment

Our brains make us different from other animal species. Unlike them, we can think more objectively and we can form opinions. The brain makes us superior to other animal species. The same human brain, however, is the most complex human organ to master. Some of the conditions that affect the human brain are complicated to treat using typical methods. However, through research-based companies such as Neurocore, the road to mental health and better mental awareness is not a farfetched reality. Neurocore has revolutionized how brain complexity is treatable without using drugs. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


In a typical treatment of mental challenges, a patient is subjected to either psychotherapy or medication. The two treatments have their own pros and cons. Neurocore, however, offers alternative ways to treat mental health challenges. The use of neurofeedback by Neurocore has in the past given exceptional results and by any standards. It is correct to say that this treatment method is the future of treating mental health challenges.


The scope of this medical alternative to treating mental health complications is making the brain relearn or learn certain trains and eventually heal. It is a science-based treatment and each patient has a customized type of treatment. As a treatment method that draws a lot of expertise from the ability of the brain to improve certain traits and learn new things, it has a high success rate compared to medication and psychotherapy.

Check: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Neurocore-EI_IE799435.11,20.htm


As the safest and most reliable medication option to mental health, Neurocore has eight specific areas of operation. These mental health complications are treatable through this treatment. They include the following, ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, memory loss, migraines, lack of sleep and stress. In each of the following mental health condition, experts approach differently. As a highly customized treatment option, each stage may be similar but the patient response to medication may vary.


What is the scope of the treatment procedure? Neurocore as a treatment procedure is a three steps process. First, the specialists take the patient through a comprehensive assessment. The assessment gives the specialists a medication direction. Second, after assessment, Neurocore specialists assign the patient a specific treatment procedure. After stipulated treatment time ends, the patient then assessed. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Organo Gold- Helping to Bring Health Worldwide

Becoming more healthy is a goal that millions of people work on each day. One company is determined to help make this goal more accomplishable. Organo Gold prides itself on helping people to find balance and well being in their life. Created by Bernardo T. Chua, Organo has created a unique system for selling a wide range of health products to millions of people across the globe.

Organo Gold delivers products from three basic groups: beverages, body management tools and personal care products. The key ingredient behind most of their success is the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (also known as reishi). Ganoderma is believed to have many health benefits. These benefits include increasing energy, lowering cholesterol, relieving stress and helping with weight loss. Gandoerma can be found in Organo’s most popular product, coffee, along with its other beverages. These include teas, lattes and hot chocolates. Ultimately Organo has taken some of the world’s most popular drinks and made them much healthier.

Beverages are not the only thing that Organo specializes in. The company produces a number of personal care products that are helping people world wide. Organo’s premium soap, G3, helps to both cleanse and moisturize skin. The soap contains and ganoderma. Organo Gold also produces a popular toothpaste. OG Smile is a unique cleansing toothpaste that contains the herb ganoderma. The toothpaste is perfect for cleaning teeth and helping to keep gums clean.

Today Organo Gold sells products in more than forty-five countries. Their focus remains on helping people to find health and balance in their life. Their commitment has allowed them to continue to expand their company across the globe. The appear destined for continued success.

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