Woman Recounts Her Use of Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

A woman who had just watched an infomercial video about the Sephora Fig Cleansing Conditioner sold by Wen by Chaz decided to give the product a try. She kept a detailed journal (here: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html) her experience to see if she really could get the same full and shiny hair she saw on the models in the video. For one week she kept track of the effects she experienced. The first thing she encountered was the larger application amount recommended on the side of the package. She thought it called for too much of the product, compared with other hair conditioners she had used in the past. However, she carefully kept the portion she used in the middle of the recommended range, to see if it really worked as advertised.
Her initial results were fabulous. She was pleased to see the flowing, smooth, and luscious hair of the models, but with her very fine hair on her own head. She tried skipping one day, to see if the product really was needed every day. The result was a large accumulation of oily hair. So, she made sure to use the Cleansing Conditioner every day and then her hair had no more oily build up. Her complete journal, detailing the effects of the product were published on Bustle.

Wen hair is owned by Chaz Dean, the genius hair stylist to the stars of Hollywood. He is quite famous for his fantastic hair creations. He is also the inventor of a number of hair care products he has experimentally developed over the years.

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