Wikipedia Meets Irish Football Fans, and Wins

Plenty of people who tuned into Irish football star Robert Brady’s Wikipedia Page hoping to find out more about their new favorite player learned a little more than they might have expected. Jubilant Irish football fans went crazy and celebrated the victory using his Wikipedia page after he scored a late, game-winning goal against Italy in the Euro 2016 tournament, which allowed Ireland to advance to the Final 16. Among the Wikipedia revisions his new honors are: God, Jesus Christ, The Messiah, and the reason multiple Irish children born in March 2017 will be named Robbie. For the fans, it was a way of memorializing a football hero in the two hours following a historic victory.

For Wikipedia editors, however, it was one Irish celebration too many. The 100 edits put onto his Wikipedia page over those two hours were all assiduously changed back to their original and Robbie Brady was not allowed to remain a Wikipedia God. Still, it was a fun and joyous celebration while it lasted. 

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