Why Kabbalah can Help Human Beings Live More Fulfilling Lives

Many individuals find themselves disentangled from life at some point. To rediscover their purpose in life, they need an understanding about ancient wisdom such as Kabbalah. This age-old wisdom, which literally means “to receive”, has been steadily gaining prominence in religious circles. Kabbalah is basically as in-depth analysis, which seeks to establish how human beings can receive fulfillment in their lives.

It is not uncommon to find people who are overcome with a feeling of unhappiness or hollowness. Regardless of how hard we strive to achieve happiness and self-gratification, we often end up feeling deprived of the sense of wellbeing. Fulfillment is not just about being happy temporarily. It entails an enduring connection to everlasting energy. This is where Kabbalah comes into play.

Kabbalah emphasizes universal principles, which apply to all human beings regardless of their ethnicity and the religion that they ascribe to. The beauty of taking Kabbalah classes lies in the fact that one is given the freedom to choose his or her preferred doctrine. There is no form of coercion as far as spirituality is concerned. Necessary information is shared by Kabbalah teachers in the hope that the students will make a choice that suits them best. The knowledge imparted always has practical lessons, which go a long way in deepening the understanding of a student.

Brief Notes about the Kabbalah Centre

The institution was initially founded by Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein in 1965. The former reestablished it in New York. It however moved to Los Angeles in 1984 where it was registered as a non-profitable organization. Since then, it has opened more than 50 offices throughout the globe. The Kabbalah centre has endeared itself to the masses due to its pragmatic lessons, which address real-life situations.

The Kabbalah Centre uses a groundbreaking approach in its teachings. It mainly teaches practical methods, which do not make prior reference to Hebrew and Jewish teachings. The teachings offered by the center bear close resemblance to Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist teachings. All these are incorporated to come up with lessons that are not only unique but also harmonizing. The Kabbalah Centre should however not be mistaken for fronting an alternative to religion.

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