Why are Gold Purchases Good When the World is Waiting?

With the start of a New Year, the experts like to determine the theme for the upcoming year. The beginning of 2016 saw many stock exchanges fall, so people made allusions to 2008. But, 2017 seems to be a year where the “World is Waiting.” Why are periods of uncertainty a good time for buying gold?


“2016: Year of the Pivot”


After following a certain path, world history started to move in a different direction during 2016. Instead of increasing the power of the One World Government, the Brits said “we want to be free” when they voted for Brexit.


“Masses versus Elites”


The elites were stunned. Many of the top odds makers predicted the English would stay. The top Wall Street and High Street bankers warned of the loss of 100,000 jobs as London lost its “EU passport advantages.”


It was almost like the masses were getting “their pitchforks” ready. They had not benefited recently from the European Union bureaucracy. At the same time, others in the European Union were also considering leaving.


Holland rejected the European Union’s immigration policy. Germany condemned Greek profligacy in not repaying their loans. Switzerland started to close its borders. Italy rejected a modification to their constitution to make banking reforms easier. The masses were ready to pivot away from the One World Government.


“2017: Year of the Deal”


Some are “waiting” and sense that the elites may be “missing” in 2017. The Web Bot actually found this “missing” keyword emerging, more regularly. The 1% elites did not seem to be listening to the 99% masses. Were they fiddling like Nero, while Rome was burning?


The Wall Street Journal has penned 2017 as the “Year of the Deal.” Perhaps, the US Justice Department fine against Deutsche Bank is the reason for this appellation. With a new American administration, people might think the governments will “make more deals” with the businesses and masses.


“Gold Builds Confidence”


No one can predict the future. When Brexit struck, many individuals purchased gold to protect their wealth. The British pound fell to levels last seen decades ago. US Money Reserve gold can do the same for you.


Whether a member of the 99% or 1%, you need to be pro-active in protecting your wealth. The politicians may be “out of touch.” With US Money Reserve gold coins and bars, you can “make the deal of the century.”


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