Wes Edens Specializes in Alternative Investment Vehicles

Wes Edens is a renowned businessman and investor who specialize in alternative investment vehicles in various industries around the globe. Wes Edens is currently the Chief Investment Officer of Fortress Investment Group a global investment firm specializing in alternative asset categories. Wes Edens also is the Head of Private Equity serving as Co-Chief Executive Officer. Fortress Investment Group specializes in alternative asset categories including private equity, hedge funds, and real estate vehicles. Within this category, they provide investment opportunities in distressed assets, illiquid credit Investments, and undervalued assets. Wes Edens has shown profound leadership and intellectual strategies to propel Fortress Investment Group into one of the most well-respected and profitable alternative asset investment firms in the world. In fact, Wes Edens has been titled the king of subprime lending by well-respected publications around the world including the Wall Street Journal.

Wes Edens invests in other opportunities including sports with the Co-Ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks and providing sports development opportunities for various cities including Miami and Oakland in their Sports Arena Development projects. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1989 and became the first publicly traded buyout firm on February 9th, 2007. Fortress has expanded his portfolio into various realms of real estate, personal lending, and other various alternative asset categories that are providing long-term returns on investment and large profits and gains on their portfolio Investments. Furthermore, Fortress Investment Group expanded its alternative asset portfolio with the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services, a leading subprime lender that provides lending opportunities to the majority of the general public with relaxed credit requirements that provide capital for various lending categories.

Fortress purchased Springleaf Financial Services for $124 million and the value increased to $3.5 billion giving Fortress Investment Group an astronomical return on investment. The leadership of Wes Edens has provided a new creative approach to investing within Fortress Investment Group and provided the necessary analytical skills and analysis needed to create the foundation for long-term success within the organization. Also, Fortress Investment Group purchased Nationstar Mortgage formerly known as Centex Home Equity Company LLC which provides subprime loans as another alternative asset company that has generated extremely high levels of profits and returns on investment. Nationstar Mortgage was purchased for $575 million in 2006 and the company operates in more than 25 States and provides a vehicle for further investments in multiple construction developments around the country. With the investment in various alternative asset categories businessman, Wes Edens has established himself as perhaps the leading investor in the alternative investment vehicles.

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