We Have To End Citizens United

They may call it Citizens United, but it really is not a group of united citizens. Instead, Citizens United is a group of corporations, buying American elections, even at the highest levels.

Enter the group fighting against this mass corruption – End Citizens United. The mission of End Citizens United is to fight against the “anything goes” model of political contributions. You see, what Citizens United is doing is essentially clubbing together corporate money to buy elections, from local mayoral races all the way up the chain to the Executive Branch. It is running a country that is supposed to take care of its people as though it were a corporation… and corporations don’t as a rule care about their people. And that’s what End Citizens United is fighting against.

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Regardless of political persuasion, most people find constant political and campaign ads tedious at best, and inflammatory to the point of inciting to riot at worst. End Citizens United is trying to put some rules back in place so the actual citizens of this country – as opposed to corporations – have control, as was originally written into the Constitution. With Citizens United, there are no protections in place against the corruption endemic to corporations being considered as people – just as though they were also actual citizens. When the Supreme Court decision was actually made in 2010, dissenting Justice John Paul Stevens wrote, “The path it has taken to reach its outcome will, I fear, do damage to this institution … a democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold.”

That, my friends, is what End Citizens United is attempting to do, to gain back the trust of the American people – not just the financial elite – so that our democracy can function effectively once more.

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