Waiakea Water Is A Gift From Nature

Waiakea water saves your body from the damage that it would sustain from more acidic waters. This is because Waiakea Water’s high pH is better for the human body. Bottled in Hawaii, Waiakea is the freshest that you will get when it comes to bottled water. The alkalinity also helps to make it one of the best waters on the planet.

Waiakea Water comes from an unbelievably beautiful area on the base of Mona Lua. The water flows freely like a clean, pristine, paradise, through the volcanic rock. It picks up all of the good stuff that is in the volcanic rocks. This good stuff makes the water alkaline because of various chemical properties. The water that flows through Mona Lua is nature’s gift to all of us humans—as long as we don’t screw it up with pollution. A lot of land in Hawaii is still in pristine shape, in contrast to many places where everything is concreted over and built up. The water is not the only thing that is in constant motion; the volcanoes in Hawaii are constantly erupting and creating new land. Life is in full movement, eternally moving forward in Hawaii. Waiakea Water captures the spirit of Hawaii in its eco-friendly bottles.

The water is bottled in eco-friendly bottles because the company feels a social responsibility when it comes to protecting the environment. The last thing that the environment needs is to have trash that won’t biodegrade. Sometimes, animals get stuck in oddly shaped, non-biodegradable trash. Such animals end up dying unless they get out themselves or are lucky to fall upon the help of humans. Also, eco-friendly bottles are more likely to be recycled and turned into better things, instead of ending up in a garbage dump. Another good point is that eco-friendly containers take less energy to make, so there is less of a carbon footprint in the world. The last thing we need are more carbon footprints, because such things are changing the planet and making lands more polluted.


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