UKV PLC Explains How To Buy French Wines

Buying French wine is different than buying wine from other countries and can be confusing for most people. According to UKV PLC, one of the most important things to know is that French wine uses and appellation system that is labeled by region of origin rather than by the type of grape variety which is seen on wine bottles from the rest of the world. UKV PLC says that when you look at a bottle of French wine you will see a controlled place name that is determined by a government regulated classification system. This controlled place name defines the winemaking practices and grape varieties that are used in that specific area.

According to UKV PLC, each type of wine, such as Burgundy or Bordeaux, is determined by what region it is from. Each type of wine has a different character due to conditions that are specific to that region such as soil, local tradition, and altitude. In France, where a wine comes from is just as important as the type of grape that was used to make it.

UKV PLC is a vintner in the UK which is made up of a small, dedicated team of wine connoisseurs who provide their advice to their customers on wines that are purchased both to drink and to own as an investment. UKV PLC can source a large variety of wines from countries such as France, Spain, and Italy because they have a wide supply chain rather than being tied to just one supplier.

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