Todd Lubar’s Accomplishments in the Mortgage Banking Industry

Having ventured into the real estate industry at his mid-age, Todd Lubar is currently a successful entrepreneur in the mortgage banking industry. He is the current Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments as well as the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Todd Lubar gave the reason as to coming up with TDL Global Ventures as giving consumers what they wanted. Speaking to, the idea of TDL Global Ventures came after Todd realized that people experienced difficulties in receiving the loans they required thus wanted to help them get the loans they wanted.


Todd Lubar gave his typical daily activity as to how he begins with a morning breakfast, a morning workout, which energizes him and finally checks the news and emails before moving to his office. He also explains that as an entrepreneur, one must have the will to become fruitful and to bring ideas to life. He also keeps himself hyper-organized thus is always informed about any changes in his business to be able to make decisions. As an entrepreneur, he advises that it is important to have trust and honest communication in your business for prosperity.


Todd Lubar in the same interview offered a business idea which a young entrepreneur can venture into. In housing, he advises people to come up with a house finding site that will dominate the house-finding space. Todd moved into the real estate industry in 1995 where his first business opportunity was as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was able to learn conservative mortgage banking. In this field, Todd was able to have relations with real estate agents such as CPA’s, and insurance agents which proved useful to the business he was about to venture into.


Todd acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group which allowed him to lend loans directly as a mortgage banker as well as a broker loaning outside investors. He later developed Legendary Properties, LLC, (a residential development company) in 2002. Todd opened up Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation also a mortgage company which allowed him to expand his business. Later, Todd formed Legendary Financial LLC an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, a loan lending company for individuals and companies.

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