Todd Lubar Exquisite Journey into Success.

There is always a force that drives entrepreneurs into venturing into different endeavors. TDL Global Ventures an idea that came from Todd Lubar’s desire of helping other people fulfill their dreams. The establishment of TDL Global Ventures was an avenue for Todd Lubar to help people do away with the many barriers that keep them away from receiving the loans they need. It was the product that consumers needed.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Under his help, many people have seen their dreams of becoming homeowners becoming a reality. For a couple of years, this great businessman has been ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the country. He has served the community passionately in different industries such as entertainment, construction, mortgage banking and of course real estate. Contact him here:

His journey into the real estate industry began in the year 1995. It quickly dawned on him that he could make real estate and finance his career. This experience became fruitful. He took the time to establish relationships with real estate agents, CPA’s, insurance agents and financial planners who presently are the source of referral business.

As part of Todd Lubar advancing his career, he in 1999 took a step of acquiring equity position at Legacy Financial Group. Apparently, an opportune moment for him to broaden his lending capacities, broker loans and lend as a mortgage bank directly had come. According to Yelp, in 2002, he took his venture in real estate a notch higher. He opened a residential development company known as Legendary Properties. Since he had already established himself in the real estate community, there was a massive progression of purchase, rehabilitation, sale as well as profiting on more than 200 transactions, from multi-family properties to single family dwellings. The avenue of creating relationships with persons with experience broadened and as a result, his relationship with major banks heightened.

As a result of his continued involvement in the mortgage banking industry, Todd Lubar opened Charter Funding which is a subsidiary of one among the largest mortgage companies in the US known as First Magnus Finance. The outcome for this was Todd expanding his business as a result of having access to programs and products.

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    No one would tell you it is easy except I would say you should not mind the person or you want to be at a mediocre point. In the complaints one can readily address the cases that come on naturally so that many families can actually have a better living home and property business would work fine for even more people. I see that people can learn from Tudd Lubar and make it too in similar fashion.

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