Todd Lubar An Entrepreneur Who Welcomes Challenges and Seeks to be of Service to Others

Todd Lubar is a family man, in addition to being the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He has spent over two decades working in finance, and has spent over twenty years also working in real estate. Todd developed his business as an entrepreneur, in order to help others fulfill their dream of achieving home ownership. Todd has found much success in his career, as he received the honor of being named one of the top 25 mortgage originators within the country.

Mr. Lubar developed his vision for business, thanks to working in various industries over the years. Whether Todd worked in construction, entertainment, or mortgage banking, his interest in serving his community stayed strong. All of his former work experiences have helped mold and shape Todd’s ideas, on how to make an impact when connecting to clients and deliver what they seek.

Todd loves to spend morning breakfast with his kids, before surveying the daily news to organize his priorities for the day. He enjoys the technology that revolves around remote functions for the home and the Internet of Things. Todd credits his values and choices to his success in business. He seeks to surround himself with people who not only encourage him, but challenge him to engage in personal growth.

Mr. Lubar also serves as the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. He received his Bachelors in speech communication from Syracuse University. Developing a culture of trust and open communication within his business, is a value that Todd espouses and credits to his success in life. When there is freedom for all members of a company to take action, and being intrinsically motivated is a welcomed, it can prove vital to ensuring that a company thrives.

Todd enjoys setting higher expectations for himself and others; he is not afraid of doing the mundane small tasks that he knows will lead to bigger things. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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