Tips for Starting a Company

Many people have interest in starting a company. Starting a business is a long and arduous process. However, a successful business allows people to increase their income and have more freedom.

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful business owner who enjoys helping young people. He has started various companies in different industries. Although he has made plenty of mistakes during career, he still enjoys helping people with their business ideas.

Early Business Ideas

Eric Lefkofsky decided to attend college after graduating from high school. He wanted to earn a degree in business and work for a large corporation. Once he graduated, he received a job offer at a prominent company. Although he was earning a high salary, he was not fulfilled in his work. He did not enjoy working for other people.

He decided to work on a business idea each day after his regular job. Over a period of several years, he developed a company. Although the company would eventually fail, he learned valuable lessons during this process.


Successful business owners must be comfortable with failure. The best business leaders have stories of massive failure in their careers. Eric Lefkofsky failed with several companies. Each time, he viewed the failure as a learning opportunity.

Business Tips

Technology makes starting a business easier than ever. Most people can develop an online store in just a few hours. Eric Lefkofsky tells new business owners to spend several days preparing a methodical business plan. Most business owners can drastically reduce the chances of failing by developing a solid financial plan.

Eric Lefkofsky also tells new business owners to avoid high levels of debt. With his first company, Eric Lefkofsky borrowed a ton of money to get started. Although some business ideas require financing, additional debt increases the personal liability of the business owner.

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