Thor Halvorssen- Advocate for the Underdog

Thor Halvorssen is a half-Norwegian Venezuelan advocate for human rights and film producer born in 1976. He started advocating for human rights at a young age by forming an opposition to the South African apartheid in London in 1989. Halvorssen quickly grew to become known as a defender of the little guy and less fortunate. When his father ended up as a Venezuelan prisoner of war, his passion for advocating and pushing for the rights of due process went full-force.

In 2004, Thor Halvorssen founded Human Rights Foundation, based in New York, after his mother lost her life during a political protest. Human Rights Foundation is dedicated to the liberation of prisoners of war and encourages the establishment of civil and political rights and upholding them. They also strive to support the idea of tolerance and democracy on a Global level.

Since the inception of Human Rights Foundation, they have successfully secured the release of seven prisoners of conscience, been key in providing the Truth Commissions evidence, and provided information as amicus curiae in many international cases involving human rights issues.

In 2005, Halvorssen added film making to his portfolio of skills. He used a small sum of his own money to establish his nonprofit Moving Picture Institute. With this new endeavor he utilizes donations to endorse and distribute documentary films.

Though Moving Picture Institute backs many documentaries created by talented film makers who present political and social issues, Halvorssen has also taken a role behind the camera. He has produced and acted in films including: Uprising, Halo of Stars, and 2081. It is easier to reach further, create greater understanding with grander impact, and communicate with a larger scale audience than paper can. Thus, this new direction blends perfectly with his freedom of speech movement and opens a new door to advocate for human rights.

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