The Success of OSI Group over the Years

Today, OSI Group is one of the largest and most recognized companies across the world. However, it began from a very humble background when Otto Kolschowsky opened a small butcher shop and a retail meat market in Chicago. The business was later renamed as Otto& Sons in 1928 and it rode the family through the challenging economic times of World War II. Since then, the company has experienced great growth as it has been able to expand in over 60 countries.

The company’s journey and success

In a recently published article by the Gazette Day, the journey of OSI over the years has been critically outlined. The company became a goldmine immediately it made a deal with the McDonald’s meat processing and distributing company. With the huge demand for meat products every day, the firm propelled greatly among other competitive companies. Later in the 1960s when technological innovations advanced, OSI Group began the popular process of meat flash freezing. With the capacity for storage, the company could comfortably expand its territories to new and bigger markets. As at the 1970s, the company, then known as Otto & Sons, needed someone competent to take over the management of the company. This, they believed, would only be Sheldon Lavin who is the current OSI Group CEO.

The company has been ranked several times as one of the most successful food processing firms. In 2014, it was ranked number 39 out of 100 Food and Beverage Companies. The list had been drafted by considering the sales of beverages and value-added goods which are processed in the US and Canada. In 2016, the company won both the Sword of Honor and the Globe of Honor awards.


OSI Group is one of the renowned meat firms in the current society. The company’s CEO Sheldon Lavin has been able to mold the company over the years to ensure that it is connected to different parts of the world. The leader may appear to be at the helm, but it started as a small business in a tiny street. His vision, however, enabled the company to become significant in the international market.

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