The Secret to Sweetgreen’s Multi-Million Dollar Success Story

A lot has happened since three undergraduates from Georgetown – Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Newman first pondered what they were going to do with their post-graduation lives. It is now eight years after that time, and the three entrepreneurs have created what has quickly become one of the hippest startups in the country. Their plan has come to fruition in the form of Sweetgreen. This salad chain provides healthy, tasty food that comes directly from the farm to customers’ tables.


The Growth of Sweetgreen


The first Sweetgreen shop was funded by friends and family members of the three founders. Now, Sweetgreen has 31 locations around the country and plans to be up to 40 by the time 2016 draws to a close. The company has been through a few rounds of funding for venture capital, which has totaled up to an impressive $95 million.


Getting to know one of the Co-founders of Sweetgreen


What does it take to go from an idea about providing better food alternatives for college students to being one of the masterminds behind a multimillion dollar company? Nathaniel Ru proves that it takes having a vision and being dedicated to that vision in order for success to unfold. Mr. Ru has credited much of Sweetgreen’s success to the fact that the company helps to form a bond between the communities the company serves, customers and the Sweetgreen shops.


What is the vision that Nathaniel Ru adheres to in order to help keep Sweetgreen on the right path? It is quite simple. Mr. Ru has stated that Sweetgreen is a company that actually stands for something. What does he say that Sweetgreen stands for? Feeding more people better food. The entire team at Sweetgreen stands behind Nathaniel Ru on this point, and works hard every day to adhere to their mission. Industry insiders believe that Sweetgreen is a company that is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the future, and that is a testament to the way that Mr. Ru and his partners continue to lead this company.


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