The Revolutionary Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is widely recognized and respected across the globe particularly in the entrepreneurship field. The renowned entrepreneur was born in 1960 and grew up in St. Louis where he schooled. He admits not being a great academician as he only managed a C+ in high school but believed he had other talents that he could tap into. Learn more:


He kicked off his journey in Ohio at the Canton Symphony Orchestra where he taught music which he deeply loved. However, the strong urge inside him to start creating solutions pushed him to resign and start from scratch at the back of his bedroom to create an insurance holding company. With his zeal and passion for what he was doing, he expanded his territories and founded the International Holding Corp in the US. The firm grew to be a multi-billion company which encouraged him to start other companies including International Surety & Casualty Company, Great Southern General Agency, Peak Underwriters, Eagle Underwrites, and First Choice Underwriters. Learn more:


Following his vast experience in the insurance and banking sector, Mr. Sparks is legally licensed to be Managing General Agent of the Texas Department of Insurance. This is a very encouraging achievement which he frequently uses to encourage other entrepreneurs considering the fact that he started the insurance business in his bedroom. On top of all that he serves as the director and the Chief Executive Officer of Unistar Financial Service Corporation. Learn more:


All these achievements did not just come on a silver platter. The current billionaire has had his fair share of challenges in his entrepreneurship journey. He has had major losses in his investments but still chose to be resilient and forge ahead. He acknowledges that to gain, one must lose some resources first. Another factor that has greatly contributed to his success is his leadership skills and style. He leads by example and sets an admirable pace for his followers to follow. He has an open door policy in his organizations and welcomes all new ideas and suggestions that his employees and partners may have. Learn more:


Mr. Spark is also a religious person who is deeply rooted in God and believes that everything he has is due to God’s grace. He believes that more he is given; the more he has to give out and as such, is a great philanthropist. He gives back a great deal to the society and started a founded The Samaritan Inn which helps the homeless in Texas. He started these projects in the 80’s and still helps the less fortunate to date.


The global entrepreneur is not an extreme workaholic; he engages in recreational activities. He likes going for hikes, biking and playing golf. What an interesting man! Learn more:

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