The Origins of Our Favorite Colorful Splash of Balm!

EOS (or Evolution of Smooth) is one of the most biggest new lip balm companies around, coming in second only to Burt’s Bees. What made our favorite shapes, colors, and flavors so deliciously available seven years ago and still going strong today? Come along on our ride and we’ll show you!

We’re all familiar with the chap stick tubes. We know what size, shape and flavors their supposed to come in. And we’ve known it for about a hundred years now. EOS decided to make the process more colorful. With smooth round shapes, bright pops of color in your purse or backpack, and the most creative flavors in the world, EOS quickly distinguished themselves from the rest of the chap stick industry.

Founders Jonathan Teller and Mehra decided to make production their priority and invest in their own manufacturing equipment. This proved to be cost effective and time effective, because they had a well-crafted process which was able to quickly keep up with the demand for orders rolling in fast and they did not have to worry about external manufacturing schedules, glitches, delays, or anything else of that sort.

While EOS lip balm had a little difficulty getting their foot in the door at first, they knew to target their product to women, not both sexes, and they specifically honed in on millennials aged 25 to 35, using online beauty bloggers and YouTubers to make an extra pop in advertising. A strong social media presence, and endorsements from Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift really lit some jet fuel under EOS’s presence and influence.

Did all of this amazing work pay off for EOS? You bet it did! In their first year, EOS sold a million products for the year. Today, they sell a million products per week. Big company discipline combined with an entrepreneurial mindset equals a brilliant pop of lip balm. Get your EOS product today! Visit your local Walmart store, eBay or to purchase online. Read more here.

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