The Manse On Marsh Gets Important Reward

Excellence is often rewarded. This is very much recently when The Manse on Marsh was honored for providing their residents with highly superior services that make them one of the most sought after assisted living service providers in all of California. As a result of their devotion to quality, the facility was publicly honored. The Caring Star award is designed to help showcase the nation’s best assisted living facilities and help demonstrate to possible residents where they might like to consider spending their golden years. Such awards are given only to those who demonstrate a true devotion to offering caring services and consistently showing how to offer residents what they need when they live at the facility and use it for their daily needs.

The Best Of San Luis Obispo

The Manse on Marsh represents the best of the San Luis Obispo area. This facility has been carefully designed to allow residents the opportunity to live in a space that allows for easy access to the outdoors and the chance to spend time in one of the nation’s most vibrant areas. All those living here have the chance to be part of a community devoted to helping people make the best of their remaining years in life.

Qualifying For The Award

In order to qualify for this prestigious award, a facility must have at least one five star review from an outside source like Yelp, in the prior year before the award is given. Such facilities must also have a good overall rating with an overall four star average given by others. In addition, any facility must also have no negative reviews that have not been resolved. When a facility meets such standards, this means that people know they are working closely with caring people who can provide for their needs or the needs of someone they love dearly.

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