The career of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a man who works for the things he wants in life. He strives for the success that he wants.

In the year 2008 he worked for a place called United Technologies Corporation. He worked here for several years and held several positions. He was the president and executive officer in 2008 and then went on to be the chairman in 2010 which was where he was until he retired in 2014. However, before this he worked at Production General Manger of General Motors. Louis went to college at University de Montreal where he earned Bachelor of Commercial degree in production. He also received a doctorate with honors from this school in the year of 2011. He was working on making the technology for the united states much better but in order to do this he had to have the skills and other things needed. This didn’t take him long to understand and accomplish. He worked in small teams and groups until he had the ideas and the skills that had to be brought to the table.

Louis Chenevert was always working hard for the things he wanted in life and when it came time to retire he was sad to go because he enjoyed the things he got in life at work. He was the most excited about the speed change and how he made the company have a brighter future with the skills and speed he brought into the company in the start. When he worked for an assembly plant he was a general manager and this was when he really started to understand the way people worked. This was the same job that taught him most of the skills he needed in the following years down the road. Make sure that the team you have set in store is the one that is going to help in the career path that you are working towards.

Louis Chenevert is going to be one of the most remember people to have a successful career when he retired.

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