The Agricultural Exports of Brazil

This past June, Brazil’s export trade in agribusiness was announced to be 0.7% below June of the year previous. Flavio Maluf, the head of Eucatex, said in 2018 up to that time the export sales of the Brazilian agricultural industry had reached $9.21 billion. Soy products accounted for much of this, representing 53.5% of exports in June alone. That is 46.27 million tons of soy grain. Projections show that Brazil’s soy exports for the entire may be as high as 72 million tons. These soy products largely include grains, meal, and oil.

Much of the rest constituted cellulose. Brazil’s top foreign customer as far as Agriculture exports is China. It second largest foreign trading customer as far as agriculture is the European Union which consists of 28 countries. All of these trade transactions are overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. The two-fold purpose of the ministry is both to provide the country with more food security and to produce a surplus for export. One of the most important businessmen associated with the ministry is Flavio Maluf. Connect with Flavio Maluf by visiting his linkedin account.

Flavio Maluf was born on December 2, 1961 to Paulo Maluf, a famous Brazilian politician. And his father was not the only upstanding personality in the family. Flavio was born into an extended family of great wealth and power. His sterling leadership has made it even more so. It was while studying Mechanical Engineering at the Armando Penteado Foundation, that he decided to pursue a career in Eucatex, the family business, instead. To prepare for this role he studied Business Administration at New York University.

By 1997 he had assumed its top leadership position. He also currently serves at the president of Grandfood. As a veteran entrepreneur, he is adamant that it is a myth that one has to already have money before they can make it.

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