The Academy Of Art University Sells Seven Classic Cars As It Goes Public

Back in 1929, the creative editor of Sunset Magazine set up a college in San Francisco in order to help people become professional artists and designers. This individual was Richard S. Stephens and his college was the Academy of Art University. His college is still going strong today and his led by his granddaughter, Elisa Stephens, who has been its president since 1992. In that year the Academy of Art University had 2,000 students and today there are about 12,000 students taking part in several degree programs.

One of the things this university is known for is its Automobile Museum. It has a few hundred vintage cars on display. They will be auctioning seven of these cars in Monterey, California, on August 23rd through the 25th. Another change is that they are converting the Automobile Museum to being one that is open to the public instead of just students of the Academy of Art Museum. The seven cars being actioned off are going to be replaced by newer cars.

The Academy of Art University operates six art studios in San Francisco where they display student’s work. These are 625 Gallery, Spring Show, Academy Galleries, 688 Gallery, The Cannery, and Atelier. Some of the artwork on display is even available for sale which helps the students earn an income. The museum allows students to gain exposure for their work and also provides them with a way to get to know the overall art community of the Bay Area.

The Automobile Museum has been providing inspiration to students for many years. Some students study the design of classic vehicles. Other students learn how to restore vehicles to their original condition. The newer, contemporary vehicles the museum will be acquiring will teach students new information and will also make the museum even more appealing to the general public once they are allowed in.

The students of the Academy of Art University have gone on to work at a number of well-known companies. Among these are Zynga, Apple, Pixar, EA, and Nike. This university has 25 degree programs students can take part in. While most courses are taught on campus they also make some of the courses available online.

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