Talkspace: The Leading Mental Health App

On May 2018 Talkspace, a global leading online therapy platform announced a partnership deal with Michael Phelps (champion swimmer) to provide a national TV campaign on mental wellness. Michael Phelps said that the move would be able to promote therapy, which is a fundamental tool in assisting people to improve their mental health. During the national TV campaign, Phelps will share personal experience aimed at encouraging the public to speak openly about their mental health. The campaign demonstrates the unique benefits of Talkspace App.

Phelps struggled with anxiety and depression while pursuing his career and the moment he started talking about his issues he found help. Talking to someone when stressed up makes one feel secure and not vulnerable. Phelps was excited with the idea of talking to a therapist via web, text or video because one feels empowered. Therefore, he wanted to help those struggling with depression in joining hands with Talkspace, which makes accessibility easier and more affordable. Phelps and Talkspace have signed a commitment to fight the stigma associated with mental health and fear of seeking therapy. Moreover, Phelps joined the Talkspace Board of Advisors where he is expected to advise the firm on his strategy to tackle mental health.

Talkspace was started on the foundation of eliminating the stigma experienced by people who have the mental illness. They developed an App that makes psychological therapy accessibility easy and affordable for millions of people. Talkspace connects individuals to a licensed therapist via mobile apps and web. Talkspace brings dialogue between clients and therapist closer on a digital platform. Roni Frank and Oren Frank founded the firm in June 2012 with their headquarters in New York. Clients on Talkspace can meet with a professional therapist without making any appointments.

The growing internet makes it easy for the company to reach out to a large number of people struggling with stress and stigma. The firm’s mission is to make people happy by providing unlimited therapy messages to users at an affordable price. Establishing a regular therapy appointment can be expensive, and some people may find it hard to open up to people in person. But communicating through texting can prove incredible.

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