Susan McGalla Explains That How She Grew Up Helped Her To Become A Top Executive

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman who has spent her career in the retail industry, the National Football League, and as an independent consultant. She is a graduate of Mount Union College. She graduated in 1986 and has a bachelor of arts degrees in marketing and general business. In 2018 she returned to this school as its commencement speaker.

Her career began at Joseph Horne Company where she had positions in management and marketing. Eight years later she joined American Eagle Outfitters where she moved up the ladder for 14 years. Susan McGalla says that when she started there were no female executives at this firm. Despite this, she eventually became the chief merchandising officer and president.

After working for a few years as a consultant to other companies in the retail industry she worked at Wet Seal, LLC, as its chief executive officer. In 2015 she joined the Pittsburg Steelers as an executive, working as the V.P. of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She came up with a number of ways of increasing the amount of gear that was sold to fans of this team before leaving in March 2018.

Susan McGalla says that growing up with two football-loving brothers and father gave her many of the skills she would need later in life as an executive. She learned how to advocate for herself. She was never treated any differently than her brothers so she learned she would have to get out of life what she put into it.

She continues to live in Pittsburg, PA. Susan McGalla has a seat on the Board of Advisors at Mount Union College. She is also married to a man who works as a wealth manager, Stephen McGalla.

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