Steps Sanjay Shah has taken to promote awareness about autism

A study conducted in the UK showed that in 100 people, at least one is suffering from autism. There are over 2.5 million individuals who are autistic all over the world. The condition is very severe since it affects one’s behavior making interaction with others difficult. Efforts have been started by individual to create awareness about the situation and try to support people autistic kids together with their families.

During the Dubai Autism Month, some arrangements were made which were done by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife, Usha. They organized a festival where people were welcomed to attend at a fee of DH50. The amount raised was targeted at helping the research center do more studies on the condition. The festival was well organized with some performances by famous American rappers. The Autism Rocks which involves live performance and charity has managed to raise over £60,000 since being founded in 2014.

The couple leads in this campaign of creating awareness since they have been affected directly. The couple has a son, Nikhil who suffers from autism. They are dedicated to supporting other children with the similar condition through contributing funds and educating people. This was the reason behind the founding of Autism Rocks initiative. The event involves many fun activities like horse riding, live music, bouncing castles, face painting and much more. The event is for families and friends to come together and enjoy while working out the solutions.

Sanjay Shah is a British-born millionaire who now lives in Dubai. He owns several large companies and employed many people. His desire to assist through charity works to affected children is something that he had never thought about. This happened after he was hit by a personal problem when his son was discovered to be autistic in 2011. Upon the findings that his son needed urgent care, he found a doctor and caregivers who would look after his son till the assistance was done.

Sanjay was aware that many families could not afford to give care his family had provided to their child. This is where the idea to start helping the affected people came in. He donated several mini buses to for kids. The desire to know more about the condition brought home to start some campaigns and concerts where the famous artists can perform and inform the public. Since then, Autism Rocks has been organized in many cities and raised several million which are channeled to Autism Research Centers.


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