Squaw Valley Resort Plan Likely to Move Forward Amid Talks of Traffic Congestion

After a long wait due to legalities involving expansion of Squaw Valley Resort, the expansion plan of the resort is ready to move forward.

Due to the popular demand of the resort, the management was eager to develop tourist housing, which would also provide jobs to the local workforce. Still, the project needed the approval of Placer County Planning Commission, which was concerned about the overdevelopment of the pristine areas around the resort.  Read more: Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos

The main concern regarding the expansion is traffic congestion problems as more tourist will likely flock to the popular resort. The local authorities think that current transportation facilities and roads are not adequate to warrant large developments in the area. The concern is particularly valid during the peak Winter season when hordes of public gather around the area to enjoy perfect snow conditions.

According to Sqawalpine, these problems does not seem to stop Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, to propose alternate plans to the Commission. According to Andy, he is delighted to get the approval as he has assured the Commission that his company has plans to cope with the increasing traffic in the area.

Wirth insisted that he wants to present the plan for voting as early as this fall because it includes development proposals that will cover the entire North Shore of the Lake. For Andy Wirth, building such a transportation network will allow North Shore communities to share their resource more effectively and help different resort communities in the area to ease traffic problems.

Jesse Patterson, deputy director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, also cited his concern for traffic as he claimed that further development in the area will not only pose difficulties for tourists but it will also disturb the fragile ecosystem of the area.

Recalling his meeting with Andy Wirth and his team, Patterson said that the idea presented by Andy looks fantastic on the paper. Still, these plans are nothing concrete if they stay on the paper. Therefore, it is vital for Andy and his company to quickly propose a solid solution that will ease pressure on the existing infrastructure.

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