Sightsavers is a charitable organization working in thirty countries. Since 1966, the organization has been working in India. Their work includes screening people for eye diseases. They also give antibiotics, perform eye surgeries, and educate people on how to avoid blindness. Additionally, they help vision impaired people overcome social stigma. The organization also provides them with the tools they require to blend into the community and live productive lives.

In May 2018, Sightsavers broadcasted a social media campaign focusing on the ambitions and successes of Indian people. They utilized Twitter hashtag #UnfoldTheirDreams to distribute the stories. These stories show how the organization transforms the lives of the blind and partially blind Indians. The following is a sample of the various inspirational stories that got shared.

Simpi, 10, never attended school because of visual disability. Learning about her condition, Sightsavers provided her with the Inclusive education program. The organization also gave her a Braille reader and large print books for school. Simpi studied hard, took her exams, and became the village inspiration. 

Sightsavers supports Indians of all ages. Madhav, 72, developed cataracts that made him blind. He could not afford the doctor’s fee for surgery to reverse his condition. Through a friend, he underwent a free of charge surgery in the institution. The surgery transformed his life and made him one of the biggest Sightsavers’ supporters. Since then, he helps the organization to set vision camps in remote areas of India.

The organization also offers training when they cannot restore a person’s vision. Anam was unable to work due to blindness. The organization helped him acquire education from a blind school. The school taught him how to tackle his daily activities on his own. The independence gotten gave him confidence. Anam is now an ice cream vendor who is able to support his family.

An unsanitary bathing condition can lead to blindness or partial blindness. While Sonali was bathing in a pond, a boy threw a rock that hit her eye. The rock damaged her eye leading to cataract formation. Bathing in the pond also resulted in secondary infection. After attending Sightsavers clinic, Sonali received a free of charge surgery that corrected her eye problem.


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