Sheldon Lavin has Contributed to the Tremendous Success of OSI Group

From the period that Sheldon Lavin joined and headed OSI Group, the company has experienced a progressive growth curve. Since he is a finance expert, OSI Group held onto him since he proved that he could be of great value to the company. Nevertheless, he started out as an outsider, but he was eventually welcomed into OSI Group. As Lavin got recruited into the firm as an active participant in the organization’s operations, the company was headed by Mr. Kolschowsky.

Background Information

Otto & Sons was a company that was dedicated to ensuring that they could deliver quality products and they would, in turn, guarantee client satisfaction. With that said, the company’s services were outsourced by an entity known as McDonald’s. The company was tasked with ensuring that they could meet the demand for hamburgers that were to be delivered to various McDonald’s outlets. Business went on smoothly for many years. However, Otto & Sons had to expand so that they could meet the massive demand for hamburgers by the McDonald’s entity. With that said, Otto & Sons embarked on the construction of various processing plants that were to cater to the first McDonald’s restaurant.
During the construction phase, Otto Kolschowsky experienced some financial constraints. Since Sheldon Lavin came out as a well versed individual in matters of finance, he was able to chip in by lending a helping hand. Lavin assisted the company to gain access to funds that in turn came in handy when it came to the completion of the construction of the food processing plants.

Additional Information

Since Sheldon Lavin had proven his worth to the company, he was recruited in 1975, and he was allocated an executive position within the organization. As the serving CEO since 1975, Lavin has contributed hugely to the success of the company. Lavin was able to expand the company’s outreach by making sure that the rest of the world could have access to what OSI Group had to offer. Currently, OSI Group has been able to set up a supply chain in areas such as Australia, Europe, North America, Japan, South Africa, and even Asia.


Apart from being a finance expert Sheldon Lavin is also a businessman. Since OSI Group was filled with potential, Lavin saw it fit to purchase some shares that would, in turn, give him some controlling interest within the organization. Additionally, as a significant shareholder within the OSI Group, Lavin has always made sure that the progressive growth curve within the company never come to an end.

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