Shea Butter, The Healthy Moisturizer

I’m one of those people who read the ingredients in almost everything I purchase. When I see Shea Butter as an ingredient in any product I buy, I know from experience that the moisturizer or shampoo will really be effective. It’s truly a softening agent and I particularly love it in hand and body lotion.

I really like the idea that it comes from a natural source. Shea butter is derived from the seed of the African Shea tree and contains Vitamin A and E which are generally great for healthy skin and the oil is extracted without the use of chemicals. Shea butter is excellent for normal skin but it’s also recommended as a healing agent for a variety of skin conditions such as excessive dryness, rashes, insect bites, stretch marks and more.

Their employees are women and they are dedicated to fair wages and they even donate 15% of their profits back to the workers for educational purposes and I totally love their ideals and ethical philosophy.  All of which detailed on their shea butter retail site:

Besides that, the products they create are absolutely the best quality, with beautiful packaging and fair and modest pricing.

Shea butter is available in many forms and products and even the old traditional company Jergens, has incorporated it into an excellent hand lotion. At Bulk Apothecary you can purchase refined or unrefined Shea butter to create soaps, creams and lotions for yourself and friends. It’s a truly wholesome and useful moisturizing agent for women and men as well.

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