Rodrigo Terpins success story

Rodrigo Terpins was born in a family that hails sports. His father Jack Terpins is known doe his great prowess in basket ball. He was also a star in his youthful days serving as a leader in the Jewish Sports department. His younger brother, Michel Terpins, is also a renown racer. It can be assumed that Rodrigo get the inspiration to race from his family’s success. The family’s sports history forma a good incubator for the offsprings to horne their interests in sports. Rodrigo started showing his enthusiasm for speed and sports at a relatively tender age. His father was in the frontline to inspire him to pursue his passion in rallying.




Together with his younger brother, Rodrigo Terpins has participated in many off road rally championships and won over his opponents repeatedly.The Terpins brothers also founded the Bulls Sertoes Rally team which participates in the Bul Sertoes rally. They have been using the T-rex for four seasons on the terrains. The vehicle is enhanced with a V8 engine which boosts its willpower. The machine was specifically designed for the Terpins brothers by the MEM Motorsport Organization. Rodrigo is passionate about the T1 prototype category which could probably be the main reason he has retained his interest in rallying.




Rodrigo Terpins has participated in five Sertoes Rally championships. In the 22nd edition of these championships, the Terpins brothers raced and came up position three in the race . This saw to them being ranked 8th position in a race of 38 participants.




Other than speed, Rodrigo is also into nature and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of the Floresvale; an ecofriendly company that focuses mainly on developing a center for sustainable logging, generating job opportunities for the public and influence discovery of the region’s great potential to establish a forestry hub by the year 2020. This is being achieved through sustaining eucalyptus forests foe the use by companies in the Paraiba Valley. The company also aims at producing sustainable and ethically derived timber our of Brazil. Check out





Rodrigo believes that hard work and determination are the key drivers of his success in his career and as entrepreneur.


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