Roberto Santiago’s Diverse Malls

Brazil is filled with attractions that draw people from near and far. Joao Pessoa, Paraiba is one of the places in Brazil that has attracted many people. There are lots of high-quality attractions all over the city. Joao, Pessoa has been able to advance thanks to the attractions. One of the most significant attractions is the Manaira Mall. The mall was built by Roberto Santiago. He is a popular entrepreneur in Brazil because of his successful companies.

Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He is now the owner of the Manaira and Mangeira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. Santiago is also the owner of many other companies in Paraiba. One company that has allowed him to venture into land development was the cartonnage company.

When Roberto Santiago decided he wanted to start working in land development, he used some of the money that he earned from the cartonnage company to do so. The cartonnage company provided many companies with cartons for packaging. The cartons were eco-friendly. The cartons were made out of cardboard. After having so much success, the company began producing other products to provide their client’s other needs.

The Manaira Shopping Mall was opened in 1989. Roberto Santiago aimed to take as much time as he needed to make sure that the company was appropriately constructed. He wanted the mall to be a top of the line exclusive mall. He bought the land in 1987, but he used two years to develop the land. The two years that the people in Joao Pessoa had to wait for the mall was worth it.

Roberto Santiago made sure to include all of the things that he liked in the mall when he was having it built. He not only included the things that he enjoys doing but he included the things that have helped him become the person that he is today. For example, the mall includes a college because he values education. The mall also has a bowling alley, game arcade, movie theater, concert hall, financial institutions, college, theater, stores, gym, and food court.

The people in Joao Pessoa have benefited so much from the Manaira shopping mall. The concert hall in the mall has been used to have many musical concerts and public events. The concerts have been known to feature people from near and far. The concert hall has space to hold thousands of people standing and sitting. Roberto Santiago created the concert hall and many other things within the mall to entertain and be used by the local people who should need it.


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    If you have ever been to Brazil then you would agree with me that one of the places to be is Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. This is so because you would be guided imagery and learn a lot. Joao Pessoa, Paraiba is one of the fastest growing cities in Brazil and one that harbors the great Manaira Shopping Mall. Indeed, this city is filled with so many attractive sites no doubt Roberto Santiago took the advantage to build of the greatest mall in the whole Brazil.

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