Roberto Santiago – The Man with Winning Spirit

The Northern East of Brazil is enjoying the success of having a multi-million mall that is buzzing with business, leisure, sales, and promenade. The retail sector of the country has experienced significant growth with a profit turnover of R$ 150 billion annually and employing thousands of people from various parts of Brazil. Roberto Santiago is part of this booming sector of business and the builder of the second largest and most prominent shopping mall in Paraíba. He is celebrating his success and expanding in other areas of the country with the latest technology mall buildings.


The Manaira Shopping mall attracts 2 million individual every year visiting and shopping in the different segments of the mall. Most people love the household area since its different offer discounts for various products they need daily, the sector also offers multiple restaurants and eating joints for families to enjoy dinner together. The beautiful mall has the latest design that boasts of a financial institution, concert hall carefully built with the newest style fitting the mall rooftop, a college, a theatre with the most recent technology, 3D rooms, accounts and VIP room. The has arms chairs that imitate standing position and interactive stadium system with cinematic projection while the gaming area has an amusement park and game station with 200 gaming machines.

The Manaira Shopping mall Domus Hall is the icon of the mall, and it offers the people of Brazil with massive concert halls designed to provide comfort with its modern amenities. The chamber can hold a total of fourteen thousand people, ten thousand on standing position while four thousand seated with the second floor containing ten private rooms with dressing rooms and access to a music lounge. The ground floor of Domus Hall is large enough to host different fairs like graduations, private events, weddings, presentations, mega shows and others.

The 58 years old entrepreneur Roberto Santiago loves culture, hence incorporating its beauty in the shopping mall by creating its unique space that teaches children’s and adults the fun and knowledge of Brazilian life. The Manaira shopping center boasts of 75,000m2 Gross Leasable area with 300 stores built with latest architect look and shopping fun.

Roberto Santiago also owns Mangabeira shopping mall another masterpiece of his dream and hard work that combines modern technology and beauty and the biggest in João Pessoa Brazil Southern zone. Roberto Santiago life is of winning, and he is renowned as the Brazillian champion in Kart competition and also holds other significant titles from winning different motocross competitions. Roberto life is humble starting from Café Santa Rosa before venturing into sports and business. He has an aggregating vision and turns everything he touches to blossom becoming successful in business and sports and acquiring a respected position in Brazil.


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