Roberto Santiago: The Businessman Behind One Of The Most Iconic Malls In The Country

Roberto Santiago is one of the most well-known people in the field of business in his country. He is a citizen of Brazil and has contributed immensely to the country through the numerous projects that he has undertaken. He has always been a business minded person, and through the span of his long career, has taken on various business ventures. One of the more well-known projects of his is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Located in Joao Pessoa, the mall is one of the biggest and most well known in the city. The mall is one of the most significant projects that Roberto Santiago has taken on in the span of his career, and also the one who has done the best and been the most profitable. The city of João Pessoa is, in fact, the place where Roberto Santiago grew up in. Long before he decided that he wanted to build a mall, he had purchased a large plot of land for investment purpose. When he decided to start his prized project, the land was the perfect fit and the perfect location for Roberto Santiago.


When he decided that it was time to invest into a project of this scale, Roberto Santiago left no stops. He wanted the mall to be a destination for families and friends to come together and have an enjoyable time while partaking in the numerous activities that he mall has to offer. Roberto Santiago has always deemed good customer service to be one of the essential aspects of a successful business, and at the mall, the customer is always happy and engaged. He wanted to make the entire experience as fulfilling as possible, which is why there are so many amenities for people to choose form when at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is equipped with one of the largest selections of stores and eateries, to fulfill almost any kind of taste and like. The mall also has an eleven screen movie theater, equipped some of the best in theater technology.


At the age of fifty-eight, he has taken on more projects that finger a human has. One of the first business deals that he partook in back when he was starting out professionally was collaborating with a company that manufactured home decor items. He has always had a good eye for business, and always seizes a good opportunity when he sees one. He also has a good knowledge pool when it comes to the financial aspect of firms, which is why he has always been able to invest his money in the best possible way to reap the maximum amount of profits from it.


One of the reasons why Roberto Santiago has been able to stem his position in the business field in the country is because of the excellent education he received growing up. He was a student at the prestigious Pio X Marist College, which is one of the more well-known universities in Brazil. He also attained a business degree from his hometown University, the University Center of João Pessoa.


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