Roberto Santiago Minaira Shopping role in making the lives of Brazilians better

Roberto Santiago is a very hard working entrepreneur, sportsman, trader and smart businessman. He is the man with many talents and strives to explore them to their fullest. Santiago descents from the city of Paraibano, a place he has invested in both wealth and mind. Roberto owns one of the largest shopping malls in the capital of Paraiba, Minaira Shopping which he founded back in the year 1989.


Santiago made it sure that the shopping mall is strategically located to take advantage of the fast-growing towns in the area and also because the town is located between the countries of North coast of Joao Pessoa.


A more in-depth look at Manaira Shopping reveals something more than an ordinary shopping center you are used to. No. Manaira Shopping is a perfect epitome of massive investment in fun and leisure. It is a place you can visit and do more than pick your stuff and leave.


Why? Manaira Shopping has over 11 movie theaters fully packed with modern and sophisticated cinema projection technologies that make watching movies fun and memorable. It gathers for everyone’s needs. It has VIP rooms, and if you ever wished to try watching movies on 3D but was lost in the way, Manaira Shopping is the place to go not to mention one of the most interactive stadium designs.


The shopping mall has a stadium build with every aspect of modern design including armchairs that mimic the standing posture, an entertainment grid, amusement park, and gaming station. The later stocks over 200 gaming machines so that you and all of your friends can get a chance to play.


You must have heard of Domus Hall. Well, if not, it is the largest concert hall also found in Minaira Shopping. The hall has a capacity of four thousand seated people and over 10 thousand standing; its two-floor design makes it possible not to mention that the concert hall is located on the roof of Minaira Shopping.


In 2015, shopping industry in Brazil registered a growth averaging 6.5 percent making it worth over 150 billion according to study released by Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce). Even with the current economic turmoil that has rocked the country, most of the shopping malls, Minaira Shopping included, has a lot to smile about.


And this explains why since the day Roberto Santiago launched the shopping center, it had been growing gradually.


The study also indicated that there are 538 shopping centers in Brazil and other 30 are in their final construction stages. This shows how the sector is growing. The industry has also employed 1 million people and has contributed to in changing their lives for better.


According to the study, Manaira Shopping is one of the largest commercial centers with a largest gross leasable area covering 75 thousand square meters. And according to Manaira Shopping marketing manager, the mall has goals of always being ahead. And this can be accomplished by reinventing most of its activities.


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