Premium Dog Food Sales


The billion dollar market for premium dog food has surged in sales in the last few years. More people are beginning to realize and be okay with spending the extra money to feed their animals premium, high quality dog food. The market has increased vastly with the all new dog food that promotes quality ingredients that we actually eat like lean meats full of protein, hearty vegetables from the farmers down the road and whole grains harvest right out of the field. Whatever kind of premium dog food you choose, you want to make sure that the ingredients are natural and plentiful. Many consumers are finding that their pets really enjoy the wholesome dog food and it makes them feel better to know that they’re feeding their animals something healthy that is going to increase the longevity of their life.

One premium dog food brand on the market is Purina Beneful. They have been producing high quality dog food for many years, and have a lot of experience delivering premium products for our best friend. They are part of the family and they should eat like they are too. Beneful understand that when we as humans eat healthier ingredients, we feel better, so why not feed our animals those type of foods. They will appreciate it in the long run. Beneful takes pride in testing their dog food, whether it be in a can, bag or box of treats, to ensure that it has the best quality offered for your animal.

Many premium dog food manufactures like Beneful are working towards the idea that the dogs should be eating what their ancestors eat. Wolves are primitive animals that thrive on natural ingredients that are found in nature and in the wild. Manufacturers have realized that these are the types of ingredients that dogs need to stay healthy and agile, and they are basing their brands off of this.


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