Peter Briger, taking Fortress Investment Group to a Higher Level through Top Notch Finance Skills.

Peter Briger is a man who has made his mark in the finance industry and it is no wonder Forbes ranks him among the top four hundred businessmen around the globe. Presently Briger works at Fortress Investment Group where he the President and also co-chairs the board of directors. Peter also dubbed Pete, is acclaimed for playing a major role to enable Fortress Investment Group to go public in the process making him and his partners at the company millionaires. Peter had previously worked at Goldman Sachs for fifteen years where he was named partner.Today he is the head of real estate at Fortress where he is also manager of the credit fund business department. His main concern is bad debt and liquid investments.

Career Background

Briger started his finance career at Goldman Sachs soon after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business with an MBA and a Princeton University Degree. While at Goldman Sachs he worked at many managerial and operational capacities. This allowed him to sharpen his skills as an investment banker where he honed skills that helped him all through his career. It is while at Sachs that he garnered skills on international investments, real estate, distressed debt and trading on loans. This unique skill set made him such a valuable addition to the firm that he was named partner. He later quit in the year 2002 and joined camp with Fortress group where he was the co-CEO.

Fortress Career

His career at Fortress was saturated with success and steered Fortress to a reputable international financial advisory and investment management firm. Today the company manages more than $65 billion of assets and it has more than two thousands clients spread across the world. Pete is arguably one of the most valuable managers at the firm given the recent international economic depression that is being experienced. Briger continues to spearhead fortress and its investors to assist nations with mountains of debt get access to capital by helping them navigate the complex economic disparities being experienced in the global economy. Briger still has a number of years to do more in the profession given that his only 51 years old.Outside finance Briger also serves on a number of institutions as a board member and is also involved in philanthropic agendas. He is of the few kind-hearted New Yorkers that have funded the conservation efforts of the Central Park in New York to a tune of $600 million and counting. He is also at the forefront of poverty eradication and commitment to a quality education.

More about Peter Briger

Mr. Peter believes in giving back to the community and what a better place to start other than your own land. In the same spirit, he has supported communities in his native Princeton neighborhood. Together with two other Princeton Alumni, he has established a funding program to back the Princeton University Alma Mata initiative. The program promotes entrepreneurship by providing funding to startups.

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