DIY vs. Try Peel Off Masks Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie experiments to find out if homemade or store bought peel off face masks are better overall. She says she will compare the homemade mask to a mask she bought at the Face Shop.

She begins by making a charcoal mask with school glue and powdered charcoal. Wengie demonstrates how to mix the mask with the perfect ratio of ingredients. She then applies each mask to one half of her nose. Her boyfriend also decides to try the charcoal mask on his nose. She notes that the mask took so long to dry, she helped it along by pointing a hairdryer at her face.

Finally, she removes the masks. The homemade charcoal mask is difficult to peel off and leaves bits behind on her face. She checks it and it seems to have removed no dirt or oil from her pores. She then decides to try the mask again with a thinner layer in case she did it wrong the first time. The second attempt peels off better and she says it is painful, which “is a good sign.” This time, it did remove buildup from her pores.

Wengie then peels off the store bought mask. She complains that it is very painful to peel off. She also notes that the side of her face with the DIY mask feels smoother than the store bought mask side. Wengie ends the video by removing her boyfriend’s DIY mask and notes that it removed a huge amount of dirt from his face.


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The Midas Legacy Offers Wealth And Business Services To Entrepreneurs

Florida based Midas Legacy has helped a number of people achieve goals that at one point seemed unattainable. Their main client base consists of business people, entrepreneurs and investors looking for ways to achieve lasting financial independence. Health, wealth and happiness are things that most people desire. With the help of the Midas Legacy, health and wealth are just around the corner.

The Midas Legacy wants entrepreneurs to make sound business decisions so they can run their own businesses and achieve success. They work with people from all walks of life and encourage outside the box thinking to help achieve goals. Unlike many other organizations, the Midas Legacy goes a lot farther in paying attention to all aspects of a person’s life.

The development of discipline is a key to success. People are also shown how to explore different options and why multiple failures can sometimes lead to success. The Midas Legacy encourages people to explore different paths for clients to take. They also provide mentoring classes for individuals who are open to other ideas and guidance.

The company is gaining a great deal of ground due to the focus on wealth management. Clients who are looking for stability can find that with the help of high-quality professionals willing to lend a hand.

The Midas Legacy realizes that many people struggle with what to do and how. Tasks become much simpler when you have the help and support you need to succeed. People want and need help with wealth management. The company does all of the research and finds effective solutions tailor-made to fit client’s needs.

People who come to the Midas Legacy include investors, people looking to retire early, small business owners and many others. The goal is to make the client’s day by helping them knock down all the walls and doubts that are holding them back.

The Midas Legacy gives back to the community by donating to various charities. They are also socially responsible and pushes green initiatives.

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The Manse On Marsh Gets Important Reward

Excellence is often rewarded. This is very much recently when The Manse on Marsh was honored for providing their residents with highly superior services that make them one of the most sought after assisted living service providers in all of California. As a result of their devotion to quality, the facility was publicly honored. The Caring Star award is designed to help showcase the nation’s best assisted living facilities and help demonstrate to possible residents where they might like to consider spending their golden years. Such awards are given only to those who demonstrate a true devotion to offering caring services and consistently showing how to offer residents what they need when they live at the facility and use it for their daily needs.

The Best Of San Luis Obispo

The Manse on Marsh represents the best of the San Luis Obispo area. This facility has been carefully designed to allow residents the opportunity to live in a space that allows for easy access to the outdoors and the chance to spend time in one of the nation’s most vibrant areas. All those living here have the chance to be part of a community devoted to helping people make the best of their remaining years in life.

Qualifying For The Award

In order to qualify for this prestigious award, a facility must have at least one five star review from an outside source like Yelp, in the prior year before the award is given. Such facilities must also have a good overall rating with an overall four star average given by others. In addition, any facility must also have no negative reviews that have not been resolved. When a facility meets such standards, this means that people know they are working closely with caring people who can provide for their needs or the needs of someone they love dearly.

Thor Halvorssen’s Brutal Fight for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is not your typical human rights advocate—the kind who speaks out about the poor treatment of individuals in different parts of the world. Halvorssen makes it his mission to do something about it. His efforts began in 1989 against segregation in South Africa after spending time in a British boarding school, which eventually led to his establishment of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005. He was a college graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen dealt first-hand with some of the horrors of oppression, due to the torture his father faced in prison. In addition, his mother and grandmother were both shot at a demonstration and his cousin is currently in a Venezuelan prison.

An article, Trouble for Tyrants, on The Weekly Standard highlighted many of Halvorssen’s stories, as well as his quest to protect human rights. He has gotten himself in trouble more than once for what he does, even beaten and arrested.

One of his greatest goals is to free the oppressed and destitute people of North Korea. The Human Rights Foundation has been involved in many projects including getting goods and money across the North Korean border, although they put their lives at risk by doing so. According to the article Thor Halvorssen is upbeat, extremely courageous, and loves people.

He has worked with Park, who earned his freedom after escaping the country with the help of his father, to send leaflets and hydrogen tanks over to North Korea, despite the authorities trying to shoot down their balloons. During his career, he has also met people who have left North Korea, such as Yeon-mi Park, Jang Jin-sung, Kang Chol-hwan, and Ji Seong-ho, all of whom have their own stories to tell.

On a South Korean national television show, Halvorssen used his authority to rip three pictures of the last few rulers of North Korea in half and tell people not to be afraid, because these dictators are “afraid of freedom.”

Wikipedia Meets Irish Football Fans, and Wins

Plenty of people who tuned into Irish football star Robert Brady’s Wikipedia Page hoping to find out more about their new favorite player learned a little more than they might have expected. Jubilant Irish football fans went crazy and celebrated the victory using his Wikipedia page after he scored a late, game-winning goal against Italy in the Euro 2016 tournament, which allowed Ireland to advance to the Final 16. Among the Wikipedia revisions his new honors are: God, Jesus Christ, The Messiah, and the reason multiple Irish children born in March 2017 will be named Robbie. For the fans, it was a way of memorializing a football hero in the two hours following a historic victory.

For Wikipedia editors, however, it was one Irish celebration too many. The 100 edits put onto his Wikipedia page over those two hours were all assiduously changed back to their original and Robbie Brady was not allowed to remain a Wikipedia God. Still, it was a fun and joyous celebration while it lasted. 

Still, there are many benefits, both tangible and intangible, when you make a Wikipedia page. Having a Wikipedia page linked on your website will allow your customers and interested readers to go more in depth on your brand and will create another layer of authenticity for your online work. However, there are several guidelines that a Wikipedia page must follow and it is heavily discouraged to run your own self-promotion on the website, which is why many professionals choose to hire a Wikipedia expert to help them make a Wiki page for themselves or their business. So to make a proper entry, you can always trust the Wikipedia experts at to take the hassle of writing, editing, and updating a Wikipedia page out of your hands. 

Shea Butter, The Healthy Moisturizer

I’m one of those people who read the ingredients in almost everything I purchase. When I see Shea Butter as an ingredient in any product I buy, I know from experience that the moisturizer or shampoo will really be effective. It’s truly a softening agent and I particularly love it in hand and body lotion.

I really like the idea that it comes from a natural source. Shea butter is derived from the seed of the African Shea tree and contains Vitamin A and E which are generally great for healthy skin and the oil is extracted without the use of chemicals. Shea butter is excellent for normal skin but it’s also recommended as a healing agent for a variety of skin conditions such as excessive dryness, rashes, insect bites, stretch marks and more.

Their employees are women and they are dedicated to fair wages and they even donate 15% of their profits back to the workers for educational purposes and I totally love their ideals and ethical philosophy.  All of which detailed on their shea butter retail site:

Besides that, the products they create are absolutely the best quality, with beautiful packaging and fair and modest pricing.

Shea butter is available in many forms and products and even the old traditional company Jergens, has incorporated it into an excellent hand lotion. At Bulk Apothecary you can purchase refined or unrefined Shea butter to create soaps, creams and lotions for yourself and friends. It’s a truly wholesome and useful moisturizing agent for women and men as well.

Goettl Air Conditioning are the Experts You Need for Any Heating and Air Conditioning Needs

Goettl Air Conditioning in Las Vegas provided tips in the Nevada Business magazine for pet owners. Their tips were aimed at how pet owners can protect their pets from the heat. Summer temperatures are looming and pet owners need to know how to keep their pets safe through the rising heat.

Some of their tips included staying off of hot surfaces such as cement or asphalt as it can burn the paws of pets. A test to know if the surface is too hot is to place your hand on it and if you feel the heat within ten seconds then it is not safe for your pet. If you plan to walk your short-haired dog for more than 30 minutes contact your vet for a pet-safe sunscreen.

During the summer it is important to keep your pet properly groomed and make sure they have adequate access to water. The water should be cool and fresh so remember to keep it in a shaded area. Consider having a pool of water for your pet to splash in as most pets love to play in the water and it’s a great way for them to cool down.

Antifreeze can leak from overheated cars and this will leave a sweet-tasting mess that is harmful to pets. Make sure your pet does not have access to these puddles. Other products that can harm your pet are garden products. Make sure these are kept up and out of your pets reach.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a trusted company that takes pride in their ability to exceed your expectations in all their services. They are able to install central air units, air cleaners, humidifiers, furnaces, heat pumps, or any heating or air conditioning unit you need or want. Phoenix is a difficult area to stay cool in during the summer, but Goettl Air Conditioning have the experts on hand to get you cool and keep you cool even in Phoenix.

Goettl is a name recognized in the heating and air conditioning industry for their excellence. Since 1939 and through the next seven decades they have stayed current with technology changes and transitions keeping their legacy going. 


Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat


Community Service and Law Practice: The Life of Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is a lawyer in New York City. He is a graduate of the New York University. He also graduated from the Brooklyn College of Law. He has been practicing law for the past 20 years and has a reputation both as a family lawyer and commercial lawyer. He is also an entertainment lawyer and deals with succession matters sometimes.

If you need a lawyer who can help you get through a divorce process, Ross Abelow is the one lawyer you need to consult with. He has helped many spouses get over their divorce and come up with terms which are favourable for both parties. He also assists them with regards to finding the best way of sharing custody of their children. They may also come to an agreement concerning the maintenance for the wife.

As a lawyer who knows the need and importance of having a will before death, Abelow also gives his client advice on how to draft a valid will that will help them divide their assets to their family and loved one upon death.

The lawyer also helps his clients, both individuals and businesses to come up with contractual agreements that favor both them and their adverse parties to the contract. They have to come up with valid contracts which are legally binding and sound. Not only can he help you draft the contract but also help you go through one to see what liabilities you have under it. This way, you can avoid liabilities should the contract be breached by the other party. It should also contain favourable terms and conditions as well as remedies for breach.

Law practice is not the only passion which Ross Abelow has. He is also passionate about the need to serve the community he lives in. Sometime this year, he decided to start a campaign so as to raise awareness in relation to the rights of the animals who are left homeless in New York City. He wanted to help contribute some money that would go towards helping the animal shelters in the City to take in animals.

The shelters decline more animals because they lack facilities to accommodate more of them. The money would help them care for the animals.

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New York Attorneys-Ross Abelow, in a Class by Himself

Helane Morrison Inspires Business Culture Change

Hall Capital is bringing forth a new a whole new era of integrity and improved business operations in the corporate world, and it all starts with Helane Morrison.

As the compliance officer for Hall Capital, Helane Morrison had become one of the new faces of corporate world integrity. I think that this is something that other corporate leaders should aspire to. I find it hard to fathom, but it appears that women – who have been trapped under the corporate glass ceiling – are the ones that are leading the way in business integrity.

Hall Capital runs strong with female leaders in executive roles, and there are more than a few women that are interested in the type of profile that Helane Morrison has.

For many years she has worked for the Securities and Exchange Commissions. This has given her the right amount of experience as an enforcer of regulations. This has also given her the ability to decipher the things that need to happen to keep Hall Capital away from ruins. I have researched the bountiful number of companies that have failed to follow the rules, and most of these have been run by men.

There is still a glass ceiling for women, but I know that there will be more openings for female executives now that people like Helane Morrison are in place. She is the type of executive that has been able to climb to the top because she was honest and reliable. I like that about her. I am sure that others in the business world saw these characteristics as vital parts of her armor as a corporate executive.

I believe that the title she has right now will be very inspiring to women in the business world. I teach a class on corporate America, and I certainly think that Helane Morrison is one of the game changers for the business industry. She has a background in law, and her ability to do internal audits would make her a resource to any organization. I think that Kathryn Hall was fortunate to obtain someone that had the type of skills that Morrison possesses.

Philip N. Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve Gives A Talk To Enterprise Radio

Philip N. Diehl is the esteemed president of U.S. Money Reserve. He knows a lot about the gold coin and precious metals investing market. As PR Newswire reports, Diehl spent a little time with Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio at the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network.
The talk only ran about 15 minutes, but the content covered a tremendous amount of territory. Since Diehl previously acted as the Director of the U.S. Mint before venturing to the Austin, TX gold seller, Diehl is able to discuss gold coins from scores of different perspectives.

Diehl definitely makes it clear that a long-term investment in gold coins – and coins specifically – would be a potentially very wise move. Read more: US Money Reserve Promo Codes, 4 Coupons 2016 and US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

While many do marvel at the beauty of gold coins, they may choose to make their investments in bars and bullion.
Gold coins are absolutely a lot more difficult to counterfeit. Diehl has revealed that counterfeit bars and bullion have been imported into the United States, and customers/investors suffer greatly because of it. Gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint are hardly fakes.

Diehl also talks a bit about the reasons why some people who never previously thought about gold investing now what to do so. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Several factors do play a large part in the spike in interest in gold assets. For one, the policy of the Federal Reserve has made people nervous. Since “The Fed” sends mixed messages, no one is sure what the value of currency will be or what eventually direction interest rates are going to take. Fears over a looming recession also have people on edge. People look to put their money in gold as a way of escaping some of this instability.

And then there are speculators who add to the interest. Speculators buy gold with the obvious hope of making a return on investment. The average investor can end up being motivated by the actions of speculators.

Diehl does discuss the customer service approach of U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve has sold gold, silver, and precious metal coins to thousands of customers. Diehl’s concept of high-quality customer service motivates the company’s approach to dealing with clients.

The full interview is absolutely worth giving a listen.