The Secret to Sweetgreen’s Multi-Million Dollar Success Story

A lot has happened since three undergraduates from Georgetown – Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Newman first pondered what they were going to do with their post-graduation lives. It is now eight years after that time, and the three entrepreneurs have created what has quickly become one of the hippest startups in the country. Their plan has come to fruition in the form of Sweetgreen. This salad chain provides healthy, tasty food that comes directly from the farm to customers’ tables.


The Growth of Sweetgreen


Back in 2007, the company started off with a single location. The first Sweetgreen shop was funded by friends and family members of the three founders. Now, Sweetgreen has 31 locations around the country and plans to be up to 40 by the time 2016 draws to a close. The company has been through a few rounds of funding for venture capital, which has totaled up to an impressive $95 million. What started off as an idea for better food available off-campus has taken off and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Getting to know one of the Co-founders of Sweetgreen


What does it take to go from an idea about providing better food alternatives for college students to being one of the masterminds behind a multimillion dollar company? Nathaniel Ru proves that it takes having a vision and being dedicated to that vision in order for success to unfold. Mr. Ru has credited much of Sweetgreen’s success to the fact that the company helps to form a bond between the communities the company serves, customers and the Sweetgreen shops.


What is the vision that Nathaniel Ru adheres to in order to help keep Sweetgreen on the right path? It is quite simple. Mr. Ru has stated that Sweetgreen is a company that actually stands for something. What does he say that Sweetgreen stands for? Feeding more people better food. The entire team at Sweetgreen stands behind Nathaniel Ru on this point, and works hard every day to adhere to their mission. Industry insiders believe that Sweetgreen is a company that is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the future, and that is a testament to the way that Mr. Ru and his partners continue to lead this company.


Getting In Touch with a Loved One Using Securus

This is why the video has demonstrated a system known as Securus. Securus has been around for quite some time now and enables video messaging services to those who are behind bars. I have been using Securus for my own needs as well and continue to recommend it to prison families all across the country simply because it works and it works well. Your loved one can keep in touch with you at all times and can even contribute to different events that you might be going to, such as concerts or other events.


If you are interested in learning more about Securus and how it can work for you, make sure that you visit the website or social media account to learn more about it. I have been recommending Securus to so many people who have loved ones or friends in the prison system. Not only does it allow you to keep in touch with these individuals behind bars, but the quality of the videos are superior to anything else you might have used in the past.


Another wonderful thing about Securus is that it is completely secure and safe to use. This means that it was designed specifically for the prison system and that it cannot be hacked by other users who are trying to get into the system itself. Instead, you will have a secure connection with your loved one and be able to talk to them about personal matters that no one else can see or hear but you. This is a wonderful option for so many people and can truly change your life for the better when it comes to keeping in touch with a loved one who you simply cannot see often enough.


Because of the fact that secures truly works with what they say they will do, I have been recommending it to people of all kinds and prison family to know they need better communication with their loved ones. Once you begin to use Securus, you will ever wonder why you have not used it in the past and why you used other systems that simply did not work as well as this one.


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Video Visitation

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Squaw Valley Resort Plan Likely to Move Forward Amid Talks of Traffic Congestion

After a long wait due to legalities involving expansion of Squaw Valley Resort, the expansion plan of the resort is ready to move forward.

Due to the popular demand of the resort, the management was eager to develop tourist housing, which would also provide jobs to the local workforce. Still, the project needed the approval of Placer County Planning Commission, which was concerned about the overdevelopment of the pristine areas around the resort.  Read more: Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos

The main concern regarding the expansion is traffic congestion problems as more tourist will likely flock to the popular resort. The local authorities think that current transportation facilities and roads are not adequate to warrant large developments in the area. The concern is particularly valid during the peak Winter season when hordes of public gather around the area to enjoy perfect snow conditions.

According to Sqawalpine, these problems does not seem to stop Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, to propose alternate plans to the Commission. According to Andy, he is delighted to get the approval as he has assured the Commission that his company has plans to cope with the increasing traffic in the area.

Wirth insisted that he wants to present the plan for voting as early as this fall because it includes development proposals that will cover the entire North Shore of the Lake. For Andy Wirth, building such a transportation network will allow North Shore communities to share their resource more effectively and help different resort communities in the area to ease traffic problems.

Jesse Patterson, deputy director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, also cited his concern for traffic as he claimed that further development in the area will not only pose difficulties for tourists but it will also disturb the fragile ecosystem of the area.

Recalling his meeting with Andy Wirth and his team, Patterson said that the idea presented by Andy looks fantastic on the paper. Still, these plans are nothing concrete if they stay on the paper. Therefore, it is vital for Andy and his company to quickly propose a solid solution that will ease pressure on the existing infrastructure.

Kabbalah-Gleaning from Ancient Spiritual Wisdom

Did you know that Kabbalah is referred to as the “world’s oldest spiritual wisdom”? This religion claims to hold the secrets to the Universe and all that is has to offer to everyone and every object in it. If you’ve ever wondered what causes the heart and soul to react a certain way, or why you love a certain way, then Kabbalah could very well answer those questions for you. Everything that you believe to be complex and even those things that are not complex is unlocked with the ancient writings of the Kabbalah texts.

Human beings often find that their physical and spiritual nature is complex, and one that is very difficult to unravel. The purpose of the teachings of the Kabbalah is to help people get relief and answers about what causes pain, disorder in life, as well as a sound basis and firm foundation for their spiritual well-being. The end result should be the removal of those challenges along with the understanding that within everyone there lies greatness. Kabbalah holds the key to unlocking every human being’s full potential and is at best practiced by many for that reason.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, California exists for the purpose of helping students learn the most basic teachings of Kabbalah as well as how to put Kabbalah into practice in their daily lives. There are numerous classes, online lectures, books, and audio resources available at all times to make it possible for all who want to learn to get what they need. You can read about the centre and all that is has to offer, as well as a link to valuable resources that you’ll want to have on hand to help you gain a deeper and more intimate understanding of Kabbalah.

The ultimate goal is living with freedom spiritually and in all areas of life. Visit The Kabbalah Centre’s website to learn more about locations and events.

IAP and their Commitment

IAP Worldwide Services makes it possible for things that seem to be impossible. IAP has more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Private and public sector customers go through major challenges and IAP is there to help solve those problems.

Things happen unexpectedly and IAP Worldwide Services engages it. Some unexpected things that happen are natural disasters and oversees battles. They become prepared and ready for that moment. IAP can be counted on when it does come down to this because they have the experience to be able to plan and carry out those challenges. They keep up with, manage, and operate military installations that are practically the size of a small city, civilian facilities,and remote research laboratories.

Technologies are delivered to people, as well as program management so that IAP can support their customer’s needs. IAP has a great reputation that they were able to keep up with for several years. Customers have a lot of issues that they have to deal with but IAP helps their customers by coming up with solutions for them that will produce great results in the end. The men and women that stand for IAP truly are there to help their customers. They stand with a purpose. Their actions show that they are very professional.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

Customers can be rest assured that IAP will not give up or quit when it comes to solving their problems. Whenever there is a major problem, they will go above and beyond to solve that particular problem. They will do whatever they need to do to get the job done. Every employee of IAP are very committed and take their job very seriously. They have to be ready at all times. They are also always looking for creative ways to handle the problem. Therefore, this method allows them to stay ahead and where they need to be. The IAP believe in always doing things right. Their core values are respect, responsibility, and integrity. This involves their reputation. They also have a policy in place.

IAP is filled with great leadership, thanks to the 10 Board of Directors. Not only do they strive to keep their individual customers happy, but they also strive to help out the environment and the community. They made a commitment. One of the things that was done for the community is by collaborating together with United Way of Brevard. IAP help them to raise $45,000 that was part of their annual campaign.

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Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua Announces New Customer Rewards Program

Joy came to the many independent distributors and customers of Organo Gold this holiday season with a recent announcement from Bernardo Chua, the CEO and Founder of Organo. Organo is launching a customer rewards program, “Preferred Customer.” The announcement, appearing on the Organo company blog cites the new program as a strategic initiative to further reach into the global marketplace. Customers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States are eligible to register for the Preferred Customer program. The program gives its customers special savings, timely specials, prompt and efficient customer assistance.

In order to be a member of the Preferred Customer program, participants must sign up for the auto-ship program, which occurs every month. With the auto ship program, members get 25% on everything in their online checkout basket. The new program provides distributors the possibility of a rise in sales, with customers seeing net income increase.

Organo Gold is the leading producer of gourmet tea and coffee beverages. These special beverages are blended with Ganoderma, an Asian mushroom, known for its medicinal properties, which helps bring relief to medical ailments. CEO Bernardo Chua, seeing the success of the beverages has added the mushroom extract to health care products as well.

Chua, a native of the Philippines, started Organo Gold in 2008 and grew the company to one of the largest direct sales organizations in 2013. He is a creative entrepreneur and is recognized for his innovation in developing products that consumers want. Organo Gold is a household name in over 40 nations worldwide.

Bernardo Chua has recieved numerous awards, such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award, which acknowledges his commitment to motivate others towards achieving success in business. Additional information about Organo Gold products and its independent rep network is available at their website,  Check out Bernardo personally on Twitter @OGBernie.

Why Kabbalah can Help Human Beings Live More Fulfilling Lives

Many individuals find themselves disentangled from life at some point. To rediscover their purpose in life, they need an understanding about ancient wisdom such as Kabbalah. This age-old wisdom, which literally means “to receive”, has been steadily gaining prominence in religious circles. Kabbalah is basically as in-depth analysis, which seeks to establish how human beings can receive fulfillment in their lives.

It is not uncommon to find people who are overcome with a feeling of unhappiness or hollowness. Regardless of how hard we strive to achieve happiness and self-gratification, we often end up feeling deprived of the sense of wellbeing. Fulfillment is not just about being happy temporarily. It entails an enduring connection to everlasting energy. This is where Kabbalah comes into play.

Kabbalah emphasizes universal principles, which apply to all human beings regardless of their ethnicity and the religion that they ascribe to. The beauty of taking Kabbalah classes lies in the fact that one is given the freedom to choose his or her preferred doctrine. There is no form of coercion as far as spirituality is concerned. Necessary information is shared by Kabbalah teachers in the hope that the students will make a choice that suits them best. The knowledge imparted always has practical lessons, which go a long way in deepening the understanding of a student.

Brief Notes about the Kabbalah Centre

The institution was initially founded by Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein in 1965. The former reestablished it in New York. It however moved to Los Angeles in 1984 where it was registered as a non-profitable organization. Since then, it has opened more than 50 offices throughout the globe. The Kabbalah centre has endeared itself to the masses due to its pragmatic lessons, which address real-life situations.

The Kabbalah Centre uses a groundbreaking approach in its teachings. It mainly teaches practical methods, which do not make prior reference to Hebrew and Jewish teachings. The teachings offered by the center bear close resemblance to Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist teachings. All these are incorporated to come up with lessons that are not only unique but also harmonizing. The Kabbalah Centre should however not be mistaken for fronting an alternative to religion.

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Steps Sanjay Shah has taken to promote awareness about autism

A study conducted in the UK showed that in 100 people, at least one is suffering from autism. There are over 2.5 million individuals who are autistic all over the world. The condition is very severe since it affects one’s behavior making interaction with others difficult. Efforts have been started by individual to create awareness about the situation and try to support people autistic kids together with their families.

During the Dubai Autism Month, some arrangements were made which were done by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife, Usha. They organized a festival where people were welcomed to attend at a fee of DH50. The amount raised was targeted at helping the research center do more studies on the condition. The festival was well organized with some performances by famous American rappers. The Autism Rocks which involves live performance and charity has managed to raise over £60,000 since being founded in 2014.

The couple leads in this campaign of creating awareness since they have been affected directly. The couple has a son, Nikhil who suffers from autism. They are dedicated to supporting other children with the similar condition through contributing funds and educating people. This was the reason behind the founding of Autism Rocks initiative. The event involves many fun activities like horse riding, live music, bouncing castles, face painting and much more. The event is for families and friends to come together and enjoy while working out the solutions.

Sanjay Shah is a British-born millionaire who now lives in Dubai. He owns several large companies and employed many people. His desire to assist through charity works to affected children is something that he had never thought about. This happened after he was hit by a personal problem when his son was discovered to be autistic in 2011. Upon the findings that his son needed urgent care, he found a doctor and caregivers who would look after his son till the assistance was done.

Sanjay was aware that many families could not afford to give care his family had provided to their child. This is where the idea to start helping the affected people came in. He donated several mini buses to for kids. The desire to know more about the condition brought home to start some campaigns and concerts where the famous artists can perform and inform the public. Since then, Autism Rocks has been organized in many cities and raised several million which are channeled to Autism Research Centers.


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DIY vs. Try Peel Off Masks Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie experiments to find out if homemade or store bought peel off face masks are better overall. She says she will compare the homemade mask to a mask she bought at the Face Shop.

She begins by making a charcoal mask with school glue and powdered charcoal. Wengie demonstrates how to mix the mask with the perfect ratio of ingredients. She then applies each mask to one half of her nose. Her boyfriend also decides to try the charcoal mask on his nose. She notes that the mask took so long to dry, she helped it along by pointing a hairdryer at her face.

Finally, she removes the masks. The homemade charcoal mask is difficult to peel off and leaves bits behind on her face. She checks it and it seems to have removed no dirt or oil from her pores. She then decides to try the mask again with a thinner layer in case she did it wrong the first time. The second attempt peels off better and she says it is painful, which “is a good sign.” This time, it did remove buildup from her pores.

Wengie then peels off the store bought mask. She complains that it is very painful to peel off. She also notes that the side of her face with the DIY mask feels smoother than the store bought mask side. Wengie ends the video by removing her boyfriend’s DIY mask and notes that it removed a huge amount of dirt from his face.


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The Midas Legacy Offers Wealth And Business Services To Entrepreneurs

Florida based Midas Legacy has helped a number of people achieve goals that at one point seemed unattainable. Their main client base consists of business people, entrepreneurs and investors looking for ways to achieve lasting financial independence. Health, wealth and happiness are things that most people desire. With the help of the Midas Legacy, health and wealth are just around the corner.

The Midas Legacy wants entrepreneurs to make sound business decisions so they can run their own businesses and achieve success. They work with people from all walks of life and encourage outside the box thinking to help achieve goals. Unlike many other organizations, the Midas Legacy goes a lot farther in paying attention to all aspects of a person’s life.

The development of discipline is a key to success. People are also shown how to explore different options and why multiple failures can sometimes lead to success. The Midas Legacy encourages people to explore different paths for clients to take. They also provide mentoring classes for individuals who are open to other ideas and guidance.

The company is gaining a great deal of ground due to the focus on wealth management. Clients who are looking for stability can find that with the help of high-quality professionals willing to lend a hand.

The Midas Legacy realizes that many people struggle with what to do and how. Tasks become much simpler when you have the help and support you need to succeed. People want and need help with wealth management. The company does all of the research and finds effective solutions tailor-made to fit client’s needs.

People who come to the Midas Legacy include investors, people looking to retire early, small business owners and many others. The goal is to make the client’s day by helping them knock down all the walls and doubts that are holding them back.

The Midas Legacy gives back to the community by donating to various charities. They are also socially responsible and pushes green initiatives.

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