Williamson County Transportation Experts Discuss the Future of the Region’s Transport Sector


The Williamson County Growth Summit presented an avenue where transportation stakeholders could relay infrastructural challenges about the needs of the suburban communities. The summit comprised of a panel of stakeholders including Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA’s Executive Director; Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign; Leandre Johns from Uber Technologies; and Joseph Kopser, head of RideScout LLC. The Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center hosted the summit.


Summit Agendas


During the discussions, Heiligenstein agreed to the notion that groundbreaking technology, such as ridesharing apps or the driverless cars, were quickly transforming the transportation sector. Williamson County’s suburbs have experienced rapid population growth which in turn led to high mobility demands. Heiligenstein advised that the Austin area needed to focus its resources on developing capacities through constructing smarter roads.


The discussion shifted towards policies specifically on how policymakers should strategize in the preparation of future transportation needs. Mr. McGraw, the Round Rock Mayor, responded by first commending Williamson County for their efforts in revolutionizing its transport sector since the past decade. He, however, stated that the population would continue to increase, and advised that the region should build more roads to expand its capacities. The Mayor cited that the corridors needed to be made efficient, smarter, and technically advanced.


Responding to the same question on policies, Mr. Ficklin insisted that it was important that land-use and building codes remain flexible. He tried to extrapolate on the future parking trends where he cited that future garages would contain levels that were five feet high, merely an inch taller than cars. The garages would provide multiple layers with individual charging stations. Mr. Ficklin hammered his point down by illustrating that all these specifications did not marry with any of the current building regulations, hence the need for flexibility.


Uber’s Leandre Johns identified the need for an end to end public transit solution for Austin region commuters. He continued that ridesharing companies can adequately provide transit for people looking to get to and fro the area’s public transit systems.


Mike Heiligenstein and CTRMA


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) was launched in 2002 as an independent government agency. It is headed by Mike Heiligenstein who has been with the mobility authority from day one. The aim of its creation was to better the transport systems in Travis and Williamson counties. The Authority’s mission is to enhance the region’s economic strength and quality of life through a variety of innovative transport solutions that will help reduce congestion and increase choices.


Karl Heideck And The Profession Of A Litigator

Karl Heideck And The Profession Of A LitigatorLitigation is a law term for taking legal action. Another word for it is a settlement. A settlement in the field of law is a term referring to a resolution that is taken before or after any kind of court action begins. The profession of a litigator is one of the most widely preferred by law students all over the world. A litigator is the representative of a plaintiff or a defendant during the court action; it is the person that stands up to speak in front of the jury and the judge and questions witnesses at a trial A litigator is responsible for winning the case in favor of the person they are currently working for and representing. This kind of a profession requires an extensive and deep knowledge of the law and the Constitution of a country as well as good analytical skills and fast thinking that can happen on the go while in court. The goal of a litigator is to win cases honestly and according to protocol.

A very well-known litigation attorney is Karl Heideck. He is based in Greater Philadelphia Area and specializes in risk management and compliance practices. Karl Heideck is also skilled in employment law, legal research, and legal writing among else. Karl Heideck has had over ten years of practice in the field of Law.

Heideck focuses on issues related to risk management, acquisitions, transactions, and liquidity positionsInitially, he pursued a degree in English and Literature at the Swarthmore College and later in 2009 graduated with honors as a Juris Doctor from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck’s previous positions were at Pepper Hamilton LLP where he worked as a Project Attorney for almost four years and Conrad O’Brien where he worked as an Associate for nearly a year. Presently, Karl Heideck has been occupying the position of a Contract Attorney for almost two years at the Hire Counsel which is a legal firm that provides services for corporations and government agencies. Hire counsel is based in Wilmington, Delaware. In his position as a Contract Attorney Karl Heideck focuses on issues related to risk management, acquisitions, transactions, and liquidity positions in regard to the sub-prime banking crisis of 2008.

View Karl Heideck’s Soundcloud profile for more information.

Eric Pulier and His Effort to Make The World Better Through Technology

Technology has impacted the world in many ways and every day a better way of dealing with problems emerges. Getting solutions to the various problems available across the world is a process that takes a lot of time and dedication from those who take part in building new technologies. Most businesses that today enjoy success were able to grow to this level courtesy of better methods of doing things. They have adopted modern technology and easier processes of dealing with challenges.

Among professionals who have championed the fight to see that the world appreciates the relevance of modern technology is Eric Pulier, who has been in the world of entrepreneurship for over 20 years, specifically working on technological methods of running ventures and managing challenges. Eric has also supported many young entrepreneurs by offering them a chance to build their small businesses.

He has been working with seed level businesses to support their growth, either financially or through proper planning and the execution of modern and better ideas. Eric Pulier is a professional whose presence in the world of business has allowed the development of unique and strong structures that are aimed at enhancing the performance of businesses.

Educational background

A review of his educational background shows great passion for computing and entrepreneurship. He began offering solutions and pursuing ideas in entrepreneurship at a tender age. While at the Teaneck High School, Eric Pulier launched a database company. This success motivated him to further his research and pursuit into technology and entrepreneurship. To fully develop his skills as a technologist, he joined the MIT College, where he pursued Computer Science. Also during this period, he pursued American Literature and English at Harvard and he completed these courses in 1988.


When he graduated from college, he proceeded directly into entrepreneurship. In 1991, he founded his first company, People Doing Things, which used technology to address major issues ailing different sectors in the government. In 1997, he was offered a job to head the Technology Exhibition that was aired during the second Al Gore and Bush inauguration. His perfection at this role elevated his career further.


Copa Star – Experience The High-Quality Healthcare

Copa Star, Rio de Janeiro is a known for high-quality healthcare since it opened in November 2016. One of the best hospitals in Brazil and South America has specialized and advanced treatment options. The hospital is also known for the facilities it offers as it is providing ultra-modern amenities and options. It should be noted that the hospital is giving 5-star amenities for patients and their relatives.

Copa Star is located in the vicinity of Copa Cabana beach and the one of the luxury it provides include an option to watch the beach and skyline from the hospital using cameras fixed on top of the hospital building. The administrative policy of the hospital ensures safety, personalized care, efficiency and agility to address the needs. Dedicated service and professionalism by the staff are making sure that each patient is getting proper care. The management is very much committed to making an environment of both mental and physical health for the patient, to ensure recovery on time.

The hospital is specialized in providing the best in Neurosurgery and Cardiac Surgery. The specialized equipment and care system are capable of giving the best output with the help of expert physicians. The hospital staff is specially trained to take care of the patients. There is 550 dedicated staff in the hospital, which includes doctors, nurses, and other supporting staff. Each registered nurses receives two months special training on how to handle critical situations, how to behave professionally etc.

The hospital building is considered to be an example of architecture excellence. With plush sofas, a grand piano, different artworks, the lobby of the hospital showcases itself as the face of the institution. The hospital is built-in an area of 21,000 square meters with 155 patient suits, nine operating rooms, and 59 ICU rooms. It is equipped with MRI and diagnostic system, patient areas, smart operating rooms, and robotics. The architecture of the hospital helps to grasp maximum sunlight into the rooms which ensure natural lighting into the patient rooms. It also has a specialized restaurant to serve delicious and quality food to patients and their relatives. The menu of the cafeteria is designed by Roland Villard, Sofitel head chef.

Copa Star has developed an application to ensure smooth managing of things around the patient. Each bed would have a tab with the app installed, and the patient can control the surrounding including light control, call the nurse, curtain, video conference with the doctor, etc. The doctors can use the tab to show the reports, scanning results, etc., to the patient more effectively. The ICU rooms are equipped with video technology that allows people to watch what happens in the street as the street cameras send the footage to the special screens in the ICU for the patients to watch. Due to this, the patients do not feel isolated while they are admitted to the ICU. Visit their page on Facebook.

Fabletics; Revolutionizing the Online Shopping

It is very hard to succeed in online stores considering that Amazon controls 20% but Fabletics seems to have changed the game.



Did you know that the reason why the online stores don’t succeed is because of the shopping habits that people have? Most of the customers will visit your website and then visit other physical stores that sell the products at a discount. This has adversely affected the online stores especially when it comes to the sales. This is a challenge that the brand has taken into action and found ways to address it.



The fabletics brand has grown fast and reported around $250 million in profits in three years. This is because they have implemented different strategies. First and foremost, the company operates on a subscription basis. This is how they sell their clothes. Their membership plan helps them to offer personalized and trend products on discount.



They have engaged in the reverse showrooming. This is where they have opened physical stores where their customers can access the different products. They could have just gone ahead and opened pop-up stores, but this would have affected their customer relationships. However, by focusing on the membership subscriptions, they have maximized on sales. They have managed to grow the memberships to around 30- 50% through this system.



Another strategy that they have used is showing the right content on their website. They have used the data that they have collected to enhance the customer experience. They use the online data that the customers provide to show them the items that will appeal to them. Their stores are also stocked with the customer preference.



About Fabletics



This is a clothing store that was first started as an online membership-based retail store. However, as they have progressed, the company has started opening physical stores so that they can access to the different outfits displayed on the website. It is a clothing brand that focuses on women sport’s wear. It was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in partnership with Kate Hudson who is the face of the company.



With the growth the company has received, they decided to launch men’s line which will be run by Oliver Hudson. In 2016, they advanced and started designing the swimsuits and dresses. According to the Forbes report, the company has grown at a pace of 35% each year in the last three years.



In 2015, the company opened the first retail stores in the Mall of Columbia, New Jersey, St. Louis, Woodland Hills and Cincinnati. They are expecting to open 75 to 100 stores in the next 3 to 5 years.



To become a member of the company you have to subscribe. As VIP members you will receive an email at the beginning of the every month with information about the new trends based on your personal preference. You will then have up to the 5th of the month to decide if you want to buy or not. If you decline to buy, you will be charged $49.95 as store credit

Economic Effects of UK Departure from the European Union on Brazil: Flavio Maluf’s Take

After the UK had announced that it was exiting from EU, the immediate impact was a significant reduction in stocks markets throughout Europe and weakening of the British currency. Flavio Maluf says these outcomes will generate long-lasting effects on the worldwide economy. Below are some of the effects of UK departure.

British economy’s consequences

UK has been the major supporter of EU, donating handsomely towards the organization. In turn, the country has attracted more investors and experienced economic growth. Flavio Maluf concurs with the opinions of Paul Figueiredo (FN Capital Operations’ Director) that the UK’s isolation block will lead to a significant reduction in the investment received by the nation.

Limited trade between UK and Europe

Being a member of EU comes with its privilege such as open trade among the member nations at http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,veja-com-o-empresario-flavio-maluf-os-melhores-setores-para-empreender-em-2017,70001657806. Therefore, since the UK will cease to be a member, the country will have to come up with new tariffs, which might hinder foreign trade with the members of EU.

How Brazil is set to benefit

With UK ceasing to be a member of EU, Brazil will have an opportunity to enter into new bilateral agreements with the nation. However, Flavio Maluf warns Brazilians from expecting a lot from the UK since the country is not a key trading partner of the Portuguese-speaking country (Brazil).

Flavio Maluf and Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is in charge of Eucatex’s daily operations, investment strategies, and expansion plans on mundodomarketing.com. The company opened its production doors in 1951, specializing in the harvesting of eucalyptus trees and making of soft wooden boards. The firm sold its products to the firms in the construction sector. Since Flavio ascended to the position of CEO, Eucatex has experienced dramatic growth on LinkedIn. Flavio has an academic training in the specialties of mechanical engineering and business. He is a prominent figure on both Facebook and Twitter.

In Flavio’s tenure, Eucatex on eleicoesepolitica.com has managed to make important upgrades to its operations and infrastructures in its headquarters in Brazil and other subsidiaries across the globe. Although facing stiff competition from Asian companies, Eucatex has remained an authority in the production and marketing of door, wood tiles, wall partitions, panels, and soft boards.

A Review Of Lori Senecal’s Illustrative Career

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B. In this position, she is mandated with the duty of enhancing the strategic vision of the company. In addition, she works closely with MDC partner agencies to deepen MDC’s unique model and enhance cross-collaboration. Lori plays a pivotal role in augmenting partnerships with clients. Lori, in a huffingtonpost.com interview has said that she believes positive change can be driven by the power of culture. By building a strong culture, it is possible to inspire people to be purposeful, pioneering and seek to work together.

Lori Senecal is the former executive chairperson of KBS. Here, she zeroed in on improving the company’s growth and vision. Lori believes that to deliver competitive advantage for brands, one should have true invention. At KBS, she focused on spearheading agency business units, especially around content creation, start-up investment and technology. To this end, she worked closely with KBS Content Labs, KBS Ventures and KBS Spies & Assassins respectively.

Over the years, she has inspired and incentivized employees to start their own businesses. Lori encourages workers to be investors of their own careers. Through her trans formative leadership, she was able to enhance KBS’s growth. Today, the company is regarded as one of the best places for employees to work in New York City. For three consecutive years, the agency has been on the list of Standout Agencies, which is published by Ad Age. Previously, she worked as the president of McCann Erickson. Before she was promoted to this position, Lori served as the company’s global chief innovation officer. She is also credited for founding TAG Ideation, which is a marketing specialty unity that seeks to address the needs of young adults.

Regularly, Lori has been sharing her ideas, experiences and insights on various topics through television appearances, op-eds, speaking engagements and award juries. She is a recipient of various awards. In 2014, she made it on the list of the Ad Age’s Women to Watch. In 2013, Lori was honored with the Quantum Leap award at the esteemed AWNY Game Changer ceremony. To celebrate different innovations made by students, Senecal founded the Isaac Award. Lori sits on the board of MDC Partners. For two years, she served as the Isaac Award’s jury chair.

To learn more about Lori Senecal, visit her fastcompany bio. Also see, https://www.shootonline.com/news/tags/13820.

Haircare Tips & Tricks

A person’s hair, especially a woman, is her weapon of beauty. Women spend a ton of money for creating and maintaining great quality hair. Cosmetology is a billion dollar industry as well as one of the most popular industries in the world, but cosmetology has a secret. Most haircare brands can help you achieve a certain look, but the downside of these products are that they’re full of chemicals. Shampoo, conditioner, and so on are in the business of making money more so than providing quality hair health. These chemicals can cause dry scalp, dandruff, flakes, and even hairloss.

To avoid these pitfalls, try using a product that’s from a more organic source as it nourishes the hair and scalp from the root. Wen by Chaz is one of the leading brands on the market today and it’s loaded with natural ingredients that grow straight from the earth such as chamomile extract, glycerin, panthenol, lavender, wild cherry bark, aloe vera leaf, and more. These natural ingredients have the potential to bring your hair back from the brink with consistent use. These products are high quality and comes in the form of gels, spray, pomade, shampoo, conditioner, and crème. This exclusive brand’s 5-in-1 Formula is one of it’s best sellers (http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/) and it definitely delivers on all promises.

Founder Chaz Dean is one of Hollywood’s leading celebrity hairstylist. He created the brand as a reflection of his very own personal lifestyle. Healthy living equals healthy hair and WEN by Chaz displays this perfectly. Hair becomes more and easily maintained by applying the products and you won’t have to use them every single day. Natural ingredients protects, strengthens, and moisturizes your entire scalp and follicles. It’s time to throw those chemically processed products in the garbage and join the WEN by Chaz revolution.

Visit the wen website for more product information.

Follow Wen on Twitter.

Check out Wen’s company profile on crunchbase.com.


Why OSI Group Ranks Among Top Food Companies Across The World

Food is an essential commodity that cannot be avoided by humans, and so the demand for food keeps rising each day with increase in population. Many companies that deal in food products have tried to come up with interesting solutions that have worked by offering interesting varieties of food. One of the companies that ventured into this field more than once century ago is OSI Group, an American company that has proved a performer in the industry.

OSI Group offers processing and distribution of different food varieties including Pizza, beacon and meat patties. Its market share has continually been expanding and with new customers came new responsibilities, which include protecting the good name the company made over the years. To ensure the products offered are of the right quality, OSI Group works with professionals who are highly skilled and capable to design systems and to come up with solutions that allow the company to serve the ever growing market.

This explains the reason they have managed to penetrate into other markets so easily. Today, OSI Group serves about 16 countries and its intentions to further grow its networks are intact as it marches on to celebrating new achievements.

Expanding business capacity
Growing to a point where a company is able to cater for its needs takes effort and the dedication of professionals in charge. It is a consuming process that calls for one to invest highly in the development of structures that are clear for the company to follow. One of the methods used to capture a market and to enter new horizons is acquiring many businesses. OSI Group has been buying over businesses that have the potential to increase its market share and this works well by allowing the company to serve more regions.

A 2016 purchase of controlling shares at Baho Food Company allowed OSI Group to enter into a new market and to explore the benefits that come with embracing new networks. It is also one among the best companies as far as offering quality products is concerned, something that saw the company get listed on Forbes among top 100 in the food industry across the world.

As the world continues to appreciate brand diversity, OSI Group continues to invest in new methods of production and techniques that are designed to offer better products. Their products are verified for edibility and quality by leading bodies and this certification works in favor of the company by raising its reputation score.

New Brunswick NJ Police Make Track Suspects in Quincy Circle Shootings

It is a tradition for people to order pizzas and get them delivered. Those doing the business can get calls from various groups of individuals such as college students, adults, and teens. However, sometimes things can go astray, and the driver can find himself in a hot soup. Such an incident happened on November 20th, 2012 when armed men robbed a pizza delivery man and even shot him.


The driver was robbed at the time of delivering pizza to the apartment. The apartment is known a hotspot for crimes. The driver went to the compound where the pizza had been ordered but was told not resident had ordered pizza. He went back to his car only to find men waiting for him. They robbed him and shot him on the Quincy Circle in New Brunswick.


He found three men waiting for him. The people claimed that they are the ones who had ordered the pizza. At that time the driver was shocked to find a short gun aiming at his forehead. The men then demanded money, wallet and the pizza. The driver had to comply, but to his amazement, the people still went ahead and shot him. They took the pizza and other possessions. The gunmen walked on foot and disappeared to the nearby parking lot.

Those who witnessed the incident told the police that the three men fled in a minivan. The police took the details of the vehicle which they used and the cell towers surrounding the area. As a result of the research contacted by the police, Parysh Wood was charged in connection with the robbery in April 2013.


The Quincy Circle has been noted as a spot for crime in the recent past. It is because of the criminal activities that have happened there for years. Another crime occurred on the night of October 5th, 2015. Four gunshots were originating from the housing complex at around 9:30 pm. Police had to rush to the scene so as to secure the place.


A man believed to have been injured during the shooting walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The suspect was thought to be an ordinary street guy. He was described as a man wearing a hoodie, and after the shooting, he fled on foot. The following day the New Brunswick police were informed of bullet casings at the scene and went back for further investigations.

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