Emily’s WEN Experience

Emily McClure was curious to try out WEN by Chaz Dean. There were many occasions where she saw the infomercial for the hair care line. WEN is an all in one hair care cleansing treatment. In the QVC infomercials, the women boast about how great their hair look and felt. Emily was curious about this product and decided to put WEN to the test by trying it herself for seven days.

Emily decided to try out the Fig version of the product. The Fig version is supposed to add some bounce, shine and even moisturize the hair. On day one Emily had to pump 24 to 32 times for her medium hair type. She noticed that for the first time her hair strands did not accumulate in the shower. Her hair did feel bouncy, shiny and full of life. On the second day her hair roots felt greasy. The third day had past and her hair still had a shine and oily feel. As the days went on Emily noticed some positive results and some negative results. Overall the product worked for her hair. She admits that if she had used it on a daily basis as instructed there would have not been any negative results. To get a more detail recap of Emily’s experiment please click on the link: Your text to link…

Chaz Dean had enrolled in cosmetology school for a short time. In this time he found he had a love for hair. He worked hard in perfecting his skills and even helped an already successful company create a product hair line. Later he would have his own company, The Chaz Dean Salon. This is where he developed his own hair products, WEN. He now has a celebrity clientele and is also helping others have shiny beautiful hair.

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A Life Saving Journey


When a life or death situation presented itself, Pastor Hosea Collins decided to take action. When his wife was told she needed a kidney transplant, Pastor Collins immediately volunteered his kidney. He was told that due to his weight, he was not a good candidate. That news set him on a seven-month journey to lose weight to hopefully save his wife’s life.

When Pastor Collins began his journey, he weighed 352 pounds. He turned to dherbs.com and their full body cleanse. The full body cleanse is a 20-day program that will get rid of between 10 and 30 pounds. This system works by enhancing the immune system and helps the body to perform at its top level. This is an herbal based cleanse and is completely safe. All of the toxins in the body are flushed out and the result is a body that is healthier than ever.


Pastor Collins did five rounds of the dherbs.com full body cleanse and was able to get down to 222 pounds. He paid close attention to what he was eating, he exercised regularly, and he followed the cleanse program as it was to be followed. Once he hit this weight, he was able to enter the kidney program. He needs to undergo some tests to see if he is a match to his wife but he did the necessary work to make it happen.

After completing his journey, Pastor Collins and the Dherbs.com CEO A.D. Dolphin appeared on the Steve Harvey show to talk about his journey. Pastor Collins says he is going to continue on with his weight loss and hopes to get to 200 pounds. His hope is that he can donate his kidney to his wife but if he is not a match, he will still donate to someone who needs one.  Read the real reviews on Yelp for yourself, to see if this is the system for your weight loss and health plans.

Few Plastic Surgeons Can Hold A Torch To Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden exudes a love and passion for the work she does, which is proven by the fact that she has her own practice as opposed to simply working in a practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden was never one to accept failure and has worked very hard over the years to become the renowned doctor she is today. Of all the plastic surgeons that the USA has to offer, Dr. Walden is named as one of the best, which is an amazing feat because she is a woman.


With so many male doctors being hailed as great plastic surgeons, it’s refreshing to see a female doctor not only making large strides in plastic surgery but also being on the ASAPS board, which is a board of directors of plastic surgery. Holding a position on this board makes her one of the only women to ever do so, which just shows how much her drive and hard work has paid off over the years. Being a young and beautiful woman herself, Dr. Walden has a goal to make other women and men look even more beautiful than they already may be.


Even though some people may have a problem with plastic surgery and what it represents, in the eyes of Dr. Walden, it simply represents a way for a woman or man to further beautify themselves at a reasonable cost. The work that Dr. Walden does is so incredible that she is spoken of highly by many people that have chosen her as their plastic surgeon. Dr. Walden has also been featured on TV shows, which talk about her expertise as well as plastic surgery in general.


Returning to Texas may have been the best choice that Dr. Walden made, even though she had a very successful practice that was opened up in Manhattan. Since Dr. Walden has Texas roots, she’s able to raise her children around the family members that she’s grown up with, who are also successful in their own way as well. Dr. Walden offers a wide array of surgeries that are suitable for any female or male that may visit her practice.

What Everyone Should Know about Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions

Everyone knows what a hassle it can be to find a firm to manage assets that will not be found to be untrustworthy or to find one that offers the most services possible that should come included with every asset firm. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions prides themselves on being one of the largest and best firms around to deliver services that are beyond compare. The firm takes pride in the fact that they are able to offer all of their clients four-star service.

The clients that have chosen to stay along side Wealth Solutions throughout the years have all witnessed the well-known founder Richard Blair working at what he does best, advising clients in what to do with their many assets and also helping them out with anything else that they might need. Many who have watched Blair work have found his work ethic to be both respectful and well-advised.

One of the best things about the firm however is their system that the go by for each client. The basics of the system that they use are as follows:

  1. Analyze each client’s specific situation to figure out what they are able to do and not able to do with their assets and anything else.
  1. Create a well organized plan that will work for both the firm and client in the long-term. Richard Blair will see to it that each client feels safe with what is happening with their portfolio at any given moment, making certain that each client is more then happy with the end results.
  1. The last step is to make sure that each client is sufficiently protected. This is why Wealth Solutions offers long-term care, life insurance and also offer annuities to each of their clients that want it.

Founder Richard Blair and The Firm Wealth Solutions

Many people have often wondered as to why Mr. Blair got into the investment business. The answer to that ultimate question actually roots into his childhood. When he was younger he often aspired to be just like his mother and grandmother who were both teachers.

He always felt that both of them make a huge difference in the world and so he wanted to make a difference too. In the year of 1994 after having many years behind him of learning he finally founded Wealth Solutions and turned it into the firm that it is today.

Bruce Levenson Sues

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson is one of the best NBA owners in the history of the league. During his time with the Hawks, he took them from being a terrible franchise to one of the best. However, he is now involved in a lawsuit pertaining to his time with the team. There are a lot of people who are interested to see how this lawsuit turns out. When he first started out in business, Bruce Levenson was always very careful with the people he dealt with. It looks like some of his past relationships from the Hawks franchise are coming back to haunt him.

Bruce Levenson

When Bruce Levenson decided to buy the Hawks, there were many people who thought he was crazy. At the time, the Hawks had little fan support and a terrible team. There are a lot of people who were surprised by how fast he was able to turn the team around. If you want a good example of how to turn around a team, the job he did is textbook. Bruce Levenson used the experience that he had from the world of business and applied it to the NBA. Although a lot of people thought that he would fail, he would eventually prove them wrong through his work.

Next Steps

Over the next couple of years, Bruce Levenson plans on continuing with his business ventures. Although he is no longer an owner of the Hawks, he still goes to a lot of games. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he was able to have in such a short period of time. If you are taking over a company or team that is struggling, Bruce Levenson is a great example to follow if you want to turn things around quickly.

Lovaganza Announces the Dates for its Highly-Anticipated Global Celebration

The bohemian inspired celebration will showcase all cultures in the world by Lovaganza. They will appear at a bedazzling and groundbreaking entertainment from immersive attractions to motion pictures. They will also feature exhibitions.

These celebrations will bring the world together. They will reveal the true nature of the bygone era. They are inspired by the future and present countries in the world. The 2020 Lovaganza is preparing for its breath-taking international celebrations on Instagram that are prospected to take place from May to September 2020. They will showcase all world cultures through their entertainment.

In the past, they were scheduled to take place in 2015. However, they were pushed to take place in 2020. For this reason, they want to make good use of the emerging technology to make it a memorable event. It will incorporate the edge-cutting concepts to bring out the live experience of a new culture that exists in the world. The four-month celebration will showcase an original World Hand Across Economy with locations in Europe, America, Middle East, and Africa.

The Travel Show schedule of Lovaganza precedes the 2020 holidays. These show will hit the roads in 2017. They are meant to promote the Lovaganza celebrations in 2020. They have their mission and goals attached. The film footage will take place in many countries including Spain, France, and the United States. India and Africa will resume shooting afterward.

During the travel Lovaganza venues, the film trilogy will be presented with Immerscope screens as the latest technology. They will feature an immersive display that has never been seen before. It comes with the reminiscent experience in nostalgia excluded in screens. However, this event will feature the latest technology and the future of exhibition. Source: https://vimeo.com/lovaganza

Lovaganza planning and branding protocols are arranged in distinct structures. There will be one for profit named The Lovaganza Franchise. This protocol aims at providing inspiring audiences and providing entertainment to the world. The audience will be amazed at discovering the numerous cultures in the world. Lovaganza will also feature the non-profit entity named Lovaganza Foundation. This protocol on lovaganza.com is aimed at using visibility and success on the entertainment platform provided by Lovaganza Franchise Entertainment. While supporting the regional and global initiatives in the world, they will exhibit a positive impact.

The Lovaganza will be officially opened in 2018 as scheduled. For them to be well-prepared in the major event, they must have enough time. This will minimize the complaint aspects in their venue regions. Visit their website to stay up-to-date with preparation and planning.

Malini Saba: Businesswoman, Mother, and Philanthropist

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to rule the business world and your personal life at the same time? Look no further than Malini Saba. Malini started from the lower rungs of society and pulled herself up to become one of the most brilliant businesswomen around. On her way, she took care of her family and created organizations to help individuals become more productive members of society, earning her place as a philanthropic and business superstar.


Malini Saba was born in Sri Lanka and moved to the U.S. when she was only 19. She only had a few hundred dollars to cling to when she arrived, and she new that education was one of the only things that she needed to pursue. She went with her husband to Stanford University, taking advantage of his student credentials to get into classes that she was interested in. There should sat in on a few business courses and became enthralled with investing, particularly investment in commodities. She traveled all around to investment firms to gain more knowledge abot the field, as well as to inquire for work. When no venture capital firm would take a risk on her, she started her own firm called Saban.


Today Saban has investments all over the world. Some of their largest holdings are in several commodities, including rice and sugar. Saban is also heavily invested technology, oil, gas, and real estate in emerging markets. Malini Saba has made it well know that she is willing to take risks that other investors are not. She knows that the riskier the investment, the better chance of the positive return being large. She has also stated that she does not like to invest in current trends, believing them to be fads that will soon fade away. She wants to look five years down the road and invest in the thing that nobody has thought of yet.


While being a virtual business tycoon, she also makes time for her philanthropic side. She created the nonprofit organization Stree to help low income and at-risk women gain legal power, get access to the healthcare that they need, and get a leg up in the public policy of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. While doing all of these things, Malini also makes time for her child, whom she will always pick up from school each day. Malini Saba is a great businesswoman, mother, and philanthropist, and she should always be remembered as such.



There is No Stopping Chris Burch

People like Chris Burch cannot be stopped. He’s a serial entrepreneur that has a plan. He has made it up in his mind that he will invest in anything that he takes interest in. This is a bold move because there is always a possibility to lose more than you gain when you are pursuing something new. Burch, however, has never thought of it in this way. He appears to see each investment as a learning experience. He is always willing to do the research with his company, Burch Creative Capital, and make the effort to learn about something new.

As a serial entrepreneur Chris Burch has spent a lot of time researching different industries. He has thrived in businesses like fashion and technology. There has always been some success in real estate. There are a lot of different businesses that need venture capitalists, and Chris Burch is willing to participate in funding startups if he can see a future in these companies.

There are naturally a bevy of companies that are not going to meet the expectations of Chris Burch and his team, but there are some companies that stand out. There are times where Burch and his team are going to see the benefits of getting connected with a certain business. He has invested in some established companies at times, but the majority of his business is based on new startups. This is where he has been able to grow his business and turn profits on a regular basis.

Before he signed up for the venture capitalist role Chris was working with his brother with a company they created. This was called Eagle Eye Apparel. This company would make as much as $165 million before the brothers sold it. That was amazing because it showed that Chris Burch knew the fashion industry, and this is one area that he focuses on for new startups. This also proved that he was able to successfully fund a business and turn a profit in the process. There are a lot of entrepreneurs that could learn from what Chris Burch has done. He is a powerful investor that has helped a lot of other entrepreneurs get to where they needed to be. This is his gift to the rest of the world. He has risen to the top as an entrepreneur, and he has opened the door for others to find him.

More information for Chris Burch: https://www.engadget.com/2016/09/22/tech-fashion-trends-for-the-future/

The Origins of Our Favorite Colorful Splash of Balm!

EOS (or Evolution of Smooth) is one of the most biggest new lip balm companies around, coming in second only to Burt’s Bees. What made our favorite shapes, colors, and flavors so deliciously available seven years ago and still going strong today? Come along on our ride and we’ll show you!

We’re all familiar with the chap stick tubes. We know what size, shape and flavors their supposed to come in. And we’ve known it for about a hundred years now. EOS decided to make the process more colorful. With smooth round shapes, bright pops of color in your purse or backpack, and the most creative flavors in the world, EOS quickly distinguished themselves from the rest of the chap stick industry.

Founders Jonathan Teller and Mehra decided to make production their priority and invest in their own manufacturing equipment. This proved to be cost effective and time effective, because they had a well-crafted process which was able to quickly keep up with the demand for orders rolling in fast and they did not have to worry about external manufacturing schedules, glitches, delays, or anything else of that sort.

While EOS lip balm had a little difficulty getting their foot in the door at first, they knew to target their product to women, not both sexes, and they specifically honed in on millennials aged 25 to 35, using online beauty bloggers and YouTubers to make an extra pop in advertising. A strong social media presence, and endorsements from Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift really lit some jet fuel under EOS’s presence and influence.

Did all of this amazing work pay off for EOS? You bet it did! In their first year, EOS sold a million products for the year. Today, they sell a million products per week. Big company discipline combined with an entrepreneurial mindset equals a brilliant pop of lip balm. Get your EOS product today! Visit your local Walmart store, eBay or Ulta.com to purchase online. Read more here.

EOS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eos/

Madison Street Capital Named the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Finalist

The M&A Advisor has named Madison Street Capital, Chicago-based international banking firm, as the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Finalist.

The awards are widely viewed as a mark of top achievement in the financial industry, recognition for excellence, and a celebration of outstanding contributions and accomplishment of leading firms and professionals in the industry.

According to credible information on Benzinga, Madison Street Capital has been nominated for both International and Industrial Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The former recognized the special role that Madison Street Capital played in facilitating the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. Karl D’Cunha, the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, led the transaction.

Madison Street Capital Founder and Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway said they are very pleased to have assisted their longstanding client Dowco with the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. He added that they are honored to be in the running for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International because of their hard work and team spirit. The banking firm’s dealmakers work hard across numerous time zones to connect their customers with growing and emerging businesses that can go well with their various needs for continued growth and success.

Karl D’Cunha has also been quoted by Benzinga saying Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. was a complex cross-border transaction with several moving parts. This senior managing director of Madison Street also expressed gratitude for being recognized for his contribution in the Acuna & Asociados S.A. acquisition.

The winners of the awards will be named on Wed., Nov. 9 at the New York Athletic Club at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala.

About Madison Street Capital, LCC

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based privately held international company that has been in business for more than a decade. This company offers private equity, mergers and acquisitions services, investment banks, advisory, business valuation services, corporate tax planning services, and venture capital services. These services give Madison Street Capital’s clients an advantage over their competitors in the global marketplace. This middle market investment banking firm has several offices in different parts of the world, including North America, Africa, and Asia.

Madison Street Capital’s success in the global market is partly attributed to their commitment to integrity, excellent customer care service, effective leadership, and quality service delivery. The firm’s team of professionals has exceptional knowledge and skills and experience, making Madison Street Capital to be one of the world’s premier middle market investment banking firms. Having helped many clients across the world over the years to achieve great milestones of success, Madison Street’s seasoned professionals understand that all circumstances require careful evaluation and detailed recommendations.