Organo Gold- Helping to Bring Health Worldwide

Becoming more healthy is a goal that millions of people work on each day. One company is determined to help make this goal more accomplishable. Organo Gold prides itself on helping people to find balance and well being in their life. Created by Bernardo T. Chua, Organo has created a unique system for selling a wide range of health products to millions of people across the globe.

Organo Gold delivers products from three basic groups: beverages, body management tools and personal care products. The key ingredient behind most of their success is the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (also known as reishi). Ganoderma is believed to have many health benefits. These benefits include increasing energy, lowering cholesterol, relieving stress and helping with weight loss. Gandoerma can be found in Organo’s most popular product, coffee, along with its other beverages. These include teas, lattes and hot chocolates. Ultimately Organo has taken some of the world’s most popular drinks and made them much healthier.

Beverages are not the only thing that Organo specializes in. The company produces a number of personal care products that are helping people world wide. Organo’s premium soap, G3, helps to both cleanse and moisturize skin. The soap contains and ganoderma. Organo Gold also produces a popular toothpaste. OG Smile is a unique cleansing toothpaste that contains the herb ganoderma. The toothpaste is perfect for cleaning teeth and helping to keep gums clean.

Today Organo Gold sells products in more than forty-five countries. Their focus remains on helping people to find health and balance in their life. Their commitment has allowed them to continue to expand their company across the globe. The appear destined for continued success.

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