Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua Announces New Customer Rewards Program

Joy came to the many independent distributors and customers of Organo Gold this holiday season with a recent announcement from Bernardo Chua, the CEO and Founder of Organo. Organo is launching a customer rewards program, “Preferred Customer.” The announcement, appearing on the Organo company blog cites the new program as a strategic initiative to further reach into the global marketplace. Customers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States are eligible to register for the Preferred Customer program. The program gives its customers special savings, timely specials, prompt and efficient customer assistance.

In order to be a member of the Preferred Customer program, participants must sign up for the auto-ship program, which occurs every month. With the auto ship program, members get 25% on everything in their online checkout basket. The new program provides distributors the possibility of a rise in sales, with customers seeing net income increase.

Organo Gold is the leading producer of gourmet tea and coffee beverages. These special beverages are blended with Ganoderma, an Asian mushroom, known for its medicinal properties, which helps bring relief to medical ailments. CEO Bernardo Chua, seeing the success of the beverages has added the mushroom extract to health care products as well.

Chua, a native of the Philippines, started Organo Gold in 2008 and grew the company to one of the largest direct sales organizations in 2013. He is a creative entrepreneur and is recognized for his innovation in developing products that consumers want. Organo Gold is a household name in over 40 nations worldwide.

Bernardo Chua has recieved numerous awards, such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award, which acknowledges his commitment to motivate others towards achieving success in business. Additional information about Organo Gold products and its independent rep network is available at their website,  Check out Bernardo personally on Twitter @OGBernie.

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