Online Shopping Reinvented With Visual Search Engine Technologies

Visual search engines might finally knock Google off its pedestal as the primary place people go to perform searches. People are visual creatures so developers decided that making search engines on where users import images, rather than type text, would make things easier for people. Many visual search engines use content-based image retrieval to generate results. The search engine analyzes the image’s content or features, such as its shape and color, and the returns result images that share common features with the input image. There are also metadata-based systems, which rely on keywords or other metadata associated images in the database.

Visual search engines are the future of search; the technology is useful for so many types of inquiries; even Pinterest instituted visual search capabilities. Retailers are adopting visual search to connect consumers with their inventories, which boosts sales when people find exactly what they are searching for quickly and easily. Visual searches are especially popular with mobile users, who might see a beautiful purse in a shop window, but the store is closed and the person can’t see the brand name. Rather than type in a long description on their mobile phone, the individual can snap a picture and find the purse with an app utilizing visual search technology, and then purchase it online. Soon people will be politely asking strangers if they can snap a photo of the person’s shoes or backpack so they can buy it for themselves with their favorite retailer’s app.

Slyce is making it possible for online retailers to have their own visual search app, with Slyce’s own accurate image recognition technology. Slyce gets a per-search fee and a percentage of sales, while merchants get image recognition apps that drives sales. Consumers see merchandise in magazines, on Pinterest, in stores or on the street, capture the image with Slyce’s Universal Scanner, and then they find the product in seconds. The Universal Scanner also recognizes barcodes. It takes shoppers less than a minute to see it, want it, find it, and then buy it.

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