Omar Boraie Makes Pledge to Local Cancer Research Institute

Recently, well known real estate developer Omar Boraie has put together an organization called the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science ( in order to help advance cancer research. With the development of the Chair in Genomic Science, medical researchers will have the opportunity to continue learning more about how genomic science can be used to treat and cure cancer. As a result, medical professionals will be able to make key advancements in finding the causes of cancer and how to eliminate it. One of the ways in which the Chair in Genomic Science will be able to help advance cancer research is by getting a $1.5 million pledge by Boraie himself. The pledge will be part of the Rutgers University 18 Chair Challenge Campaign which will have 18 new chairs contribute $3 million to help fund more cancer research.

With genomic science becoming an increasingly common part of precision medicine, Boraie was compelled to found the Chair of Genomic Science. Using this organization will allow him to assist medical institutions in developing more effective ways to deal with cancer. The new discipline of genomic science will allow numerous medical professionals the opportunity to more easily find ways to treat tumors at a genetic level and prescribe the most effective ways to provide therapy. The development of genomic science will likely result in better outcomes, when it comes to helping eliminate cancer. Leaders such as President Barack Obama have praised this new form of medical research who looked to develop such a program during his presidency.

A number of healthcare organizations have formulated the next generation of gene sequencing as a way to combat tumors. While this has been very beneficial, the Rutgers Cancer Institute became the first in the nation to emphasize genomic sequencing when looking to more effectively research and treat cancer. The results of genomic sequencing have been quite impressive in recent years. They have proven to help provide therapy for a number of rare forms of cancer along with treating conditions that currently have a poor prognosis. It has also helped replace other treatments that have been ineffective as well.

The contributions made by Omar Boraie will prove to be very valuable to the medical community. With his new organization, a number of medical professionals will have more opportunities to explore cancer in more detail. They will have the means to develop therapies and treatments for many more forms of cancer. As a result, the medical community will be in better position to improve the health of many cancer patients as well as making valuable contributions to society.


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