Omar Boarie Builds a City On Compassion

Omar Boraie has been the tenderhearted father figure that New Brunswick, New Jersey has needed for the past 40 years. He is living proof that there are wonderful people within the 1% of America. He has used his business, the Boraie Development, to take New Brunswick, New Jersey and turn it into an economic paradise.

Omar Boraie has worked for four decades to help New Brunswick New Jersey become the amazing place that it is today. This was able to be achieved through a four-step plan. Talking to the New Jersey Stage, he released an article detailing his four-step plan to reviving New Brunswick.

The first part of his plan had to do with making New Brunswick a welcoming place for families. Omar Boraie was able to make New Brunswick more welcoming to families by working through several outreaches and different nonprofits. These outreaches and nonprofits made it their organization’s goal to help families integrate into the community. One event that was done that became widely popular was a series of movies shown over seven weeks during the summer. Boraie Development paid for the admission to these movies for families so that they could build a community with one another.

The second part of his plan was to secure lucrative jobs in the area. Omar Boraie worked hand in hand with Johnson and Johnson to keep the Corporation in the area. Not only was Johnson and Johnson committed to New Brunswick, but they opened up more factories in order to make the place thrive for job seekers. Check out to see more.

The third part of Omar’s plan was to build a necessary coalition that would work tirelessly to make New Brunswick number one. This coalition was made up of many power brokers which included the President of the University, the Mayor, and many nonprofit leaders.

The fourth part of Omar’s plan was to bring back the middle class. He began bringing back the middle class by offering them real estate that they could not otherwise afford. In other words, he built class A office space and sold it for a price that upstart professional could afford. On top of this, he built upper tier real estate, but provided it for a middle-class price. This allowed doctors and lawyers and counselors who were just starting to be able to afford influential real estate that made their all of their practices look good. You can visit his website



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