New Brunswick NJ Police Make Track Suspects in Quincy Circle Shootings

It is a tradition for people to order pizzas and get them delivered. Those doing the business can get calls from various groups of individuals such as college students, adults, and teens. However, sometimes things can go astray, and the driver can find himself in a hot soup. Such an incident happened on November 20th, 2012 when armed men robbed a pizza delivery man and even shot him.


The driver was robbed at the time of delivering pizza to the apartment. The apartment is known a hotspot for crimes. The driver went to the compound where the pizza had been ordered but was told not resident had ordered pizza. He went back to his car only to find men waiting for him. They robbed him and shot him on the Quincy Circle in New Brunswick.


He found three men waiting for him. The people claimed that they are the ones who had ordered the pizza. At that time the driver was shocked to find a short gun aiming at his forehead. The men then demanded money, wallet and the pizza. The driver had to comply, but to his amazement, the people still went ahead and shot him. They took the pizza and other possessions. The gunmen walked on foot and disappeared to the nearby parking lot.

Those who witnessed the incident told the police that the three men fled in a minivan. The police took the details of the vehicle which they used and the cell towers surrounding the area. As a result of the research contacted by the police, Parysh Wood was charged in connection with the robbery in April 2013.


The Quincy Circle has been noted as a spot for crime in the recent past. It is because of the criminal activities that have happened there for years. Another crime occurred on the night of October 5th, 2015. Four gunshots were originating from the housing complex at around 9:30 pm. Police had to rush to the scene so as to secure the place.


A man believed to have been injured during the shooting walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The suspect was thought to be an ordinary street guy. He was described as a man wearing a hoodie, and after the shooting, he fled on foot. The following day the New Brunswick police were informed of bullet casings at the scene and went back for further investigations.

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