Malcom CasSelle Talks about How the Gaming Industry Will Ignite the Cryptocurrency World

The sale of in-game virtual assets is quite a lucrative trade. As for Malcom CasSelle, he deals in the sale of in-game virtual assets and his company is known as OPSkins. Malcom CasSelle is the CIO of the company, and under his tenure, the company has emerged as a global leader when it comes down to the sale of in-game virtual assets. The company has been able to amass a vast pool of users who have been making frequent cross-border micro-payments thereby making the company a dominant candidate when it comes to market size and the demand that users have for a decentralized protocol.

Background Information

Since technology is prone to innovation, the people who created OPSkins have decided to launch a new blockchain platform that will be used for virtual asset trading. The new blockchain platform is called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). As for the WAX platform, it is a P2P marketplace that will be used for the trading of virtual assets through the use of blockchain thereby allowing sellers and buyers to trade virtual assets effectively.

In the virtual assets markets, there are various challenges such as fraud and fragmentation. Well, WAX has come about to act as a solution to this problems. WAX has simply used blockchain technology to come about with a solution to the fraud and fragmentation menace thereby creating a safe and sound environment for sellers and buyers.

Additional Information

Fragmentation had posed a major problem, but the WAX platform has made use of blockchain technology to come up with a solution to this problem. By allowing sellers and buyers to transact in a fraud-free manner thanks to the incorporation of blockchain technology, the move by OPSkins to come up with the WAX platform was a wise one. When using the WAX platform, users have been able to tokenize their gaming assets and also engage in selling and purchasing in a frictionless manner.


Malcom CasSelle serves as the president of OPSkins. The company has prospered in an upscale manner under his tenure. Presently, fragmentation and fraud have posed as major problems when it comes to the virtual assets market; that is why Malcom CasSelle has endorsed the WAX platform with open arms since it will deal with the various shortcomings that were present.

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