Livio Bisterzo – Creating Healthy Snacks While Changing Lives

Hippeas has rocked the world of snacking. Launched in June 2016, with retail partners including Starbucks and Holland & Barrett, now has formally set up shop across the United States. Who knew chickpeas could be so delicious? They come in various flavors such as:

White Cheddar – Vegan zested puffs, without the cheese
Hickory – Tomatoes, garlic, onions and hickory, with a subtlety sweet sensation
Fajita – Cumin, paprika coupled with a hint of chili pepper
Maple – The combination of a twist of savory and syrupy sweet

All of the Hippeas snacks are low in fat, high in protein, full of fiber, gluten-free and vegan. With it vivid yellow-colored packaging and smiley faces with multicolored tongues for the different flavors, it has captured the attention and taste buds of consumers.

Livio Bisterzo is the founder and CEO of Green Park Brands, in which the tasty organic puffs call Hippeas, was created with the socially aware millennials in mind. You could also say Hippeas are a throwback to the hippie movement, with a contemporary spirit. This global snack is transforming lives, as Mr. Bisterzo collaborates with Nicolas Mounard, the Chief Executive of Farm Africa.

For the next three years, for each bag of Hippeas sold, a donation will go to assist farmers in East Africa, so they can become independent as they lift themselves out of poverty. Livio and his team has built their company on the premise of “Giving Back.” With Farm Africa, the local landowners are able to raise crops, the caretakers of livestock will be able to improve the health of their animals and coffee growers will have the capacity to export opportunities.

Overall, the program helps individuals to acquire a business model that can be maintained, with attention on the ecosystem and finances of the farmers’ enterprises.

Mr. Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur and philanthropist, who lived in London and studied at the esteemed University of the Arts located in London. With his foundation in marketing, Livio has established various companies including those dealing with consumer brands to hospitality.

In 2015, he launched Green Park Holdings, a brand specializing in offering natural organic food with a social conscience. With Hippeas motto, ‘Peas Love & Giving Back,’ it is clear Livio is making a difference within the Health & Nutrition industry.

Currently, Mr. Bisterzo is happily married, living in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

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