José Henrique Borghi and his Path to a Successful Career in Advertisement

José Henrique Borghi became one of the most influential advertisers in his home country Brazil. His work is known internationally as he has been recognized for his professional achievements with Cannes lions and he was also the Advertiser of the year for the 2009 edition.

José Henrique Borghi founded the company of Boghi Lowe many years ago. The company grew and came to merge with another business. The result was an ad agency called Mullen Lowe Brasil. The company of Mullen Lowe has become emblematic for the industry of Brazilian advertising over the past couple of years. José Henrique Borghi has created a vast number of memorable ads which feature jingles that people still sing today. Some of his most famous ones are Mammals of Parmalat and Sazon. José Henrique Borghi invests a lot of efforts into creating advertisements. He does not only produce them to sell a product but to tell a story. Storytelling is essential in order to create a good ad. To know more about him click here.

Before he took on a career as an advertiser, José Henrique Borghi was unsure of the trajectory of his business development. He did not know which way to go until he s a performance that won a Cannes lion. José Henrique Borghi was greatly inspired by the performance and the emotions it stirred in him. He was a junior in high school back then. Many years later, José Henrique Borghi pursued a career in the industry of advert Imes Mtn in Brazil. He never knew that some day he would be standing on the stage at a Cannes festival accepting yet another Cannes lion for his professional accomplishments in his line of work.

José Henrique Borghi does his job with love and creativity. He advises beginners to hold on to the passion for creating and telling a story for as long as possible and for never losing sight of why they are doing what they do.

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