Jeunesse Global rocks energy drink world with Nevo

The name Jeunesse rings familiar to people from Africa to North America to East Asia. Although not everyone can put a finger on exactly what the brand represents, the name itself says everything you need to know. From the French word meaning youth, Jeunesse is a brand that represents the goals of its founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Specifically, the inveterate entrepreneurial couple founded the company while on a mission to create the promised land of youth and beauty, what they refer to as Generation Young.

And what is Generation Young? In short, it is the first generation in human history that will have all of the tools at its disposal to indefinitely postpone or even cancel entirely the worst effects of aging. Jeunesse Global’s sole mission is to help bring about this new generation of people who will make use of rigorous health and beauty science to stay young and fit for years or decades longer than has ever before been possible.

Jeunesse Global has developed each one of its products as part of the puzzle that presents to those who would dare to defy the aging process. Thus, it has created a comprehensive system, which it calls the Youth Enhancement System, to stave off the effects of aging. Every product in the Jeunesse lineup plays a specific role in the enhancement of youth. This allows the company’s product lineup itself act as a sort of exo-organism, providing the additional biologic ingredients that the body loses its ability to produce as the aging process takes hold. And it does this through 100 percent all-natural means.

One of the innovative products that forms the Youth Enhancement System is the company’s Nevo energy drink. Made from all-natural ingredients, Nevo is designed to help give people the boost of energy they need to stay productive throughout the entire workday. But it does this without relying on the highly refined and synthetic chemicals present in many of its competitors. Not only does this give Nevo a great, natural taste, but it also gives users a clean, crash-free energy boost that more closely resembles the natural high from exercise than the jittery high produced by hard drugs and products like Red Bull.

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